Posing tips for family group photos

One key to great family collages is great group photos. Posing and lighting a group shot can be a challenge. Here are some tips.

  • Look for a simple, non-distracting background.
  • You need great lighting, which can be hard on a large group. Indirect evening sunlight makes for beautiful lighting with no special equipment. If you are depending on a flash, make sure you’re not out of the range of the flash.
  • All faces should be nicely visible, and about the same distance from the lens.
  • Turn the subjects’ bodies at an angle to the lens, with their face toward the camera. Some variation in pose across the group adds interest.
  • Hide hands behind backs or in pockets. Hands sticking all over the place is distracting, especially crossed in front of one’s lap. (no fig leaves!)

Here is some additional advice you may find helpful.

Posters with a classic look make wonderful Family Gifts

family poster design idea

An artistic collage makes a wonderful family gift. Use image effects like Sepia to give the collage a classic look.

This works especially well with photos of children and adults in more formal classic dress. It gives that traditional look that will remain hung in the hallway for decades.

You can edit the poster on the right, or get started with a new one!

Action Shot Tips for Sports Posters

A key to sports posters is great action shots.  Great action shots take some effort, and some equipment.  First, a good zoom lens is a requirement.  You need a tightly zoomed shot to have enough detail in your photos so they look good printed at large sizes.  We recommend standing on the sideline and zooming in an individual athlete.  Then, snap lots of shots.  You never know when that classic moment is about to happen.

Lighting is another key.  You want the sun at your back so faces will be well lit.  Indoor sports photography is especially challenging due to low light in most school gymnasiums.  For this, you’ll need to turn your camera’s ISO setting up high AND use a flash. Otherwise your photos will be either blurry or grainy.  You’ll want to be court side so you’re not out of range of your flash.

Follow these instructions and you’ll be able to capture the photos that will let you create Sports Collages and Sports Posters that will be displayed with pride.

Sports Posters with dramatic effect

The dramatic “Dark Clouds” background is the perfect background to highlight an individual athlete in action. The key is to use PosterMyWall’s “Erase Background” tool to remove the background from the athlete.

Add a glow to the masked photo to create a “halo” around the athlete.

football poster idea
click image to customize this poster

You can add additional photos on the borders to create a great Sports Poster.

Sports Team Posters – Parents will love them

PosterMyWall makes great sports team posters.  You can create a sample poster for the entire team. Include a photo of the entire team.  Then, every parent can customize their poster with their favorite individual photos and action shots.

Done right, this is a sports poster you’ll want to hang in the children’s rooms, not in a drawer with all those other “one team photo, one individual shot” composites that get boring.

soccer sports poster idea
click image to customize this poster

Check out the Poster Maker at PosterMyWall to start creating your custom poster now. Once you’re done, you can order prints up to 3 feet tall!

For more details, visit www.postermywall.com.