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To receive the promotion, you need to place an order for 2 or more posters on or before December 7, 2010.  You will receive a promotional code to claim your free poster via email.

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Top 5 Customizable Poster Backgrounds

If you haven’t already browsed the Poster Backgrounds Gallery yet, you’ll know that PosterMyWall’s got a growing collection of poster backgrounds that you can quickly and easily customize by adding your photos, captions, and an awesome variety of effects.

Today we thought we’d highlight a few backgrounds that are popular amongst users (based on the number of times they’ve been customized), and hopefully give you inspiration for a great custom poster of your own!

Click on any of the background images below to load them in the Poster Maker.

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1. Colorful Bokeh Background

bokeh custom poster background
click image to customize this background

This background is pretty popular for creating collages of family photos. A large caption near the top or bottom of the poster also looks great. A portrait version of this background is also available.

2. Dramatic Sky Background

Dramatic Custom Poster Background
click image to customize this background

This background is perfect for a sports themed poster with focus on a single athlete. Use the ‘Erase Background’ feature in the Poster Maker to highlight your athlete, and place them in the center of this background.

Here are some samples from the Public Gallery.

sports poster idea

soccer poster idea

football poster design idea

You can browse through the entire range of sports themed custom poster backgrounds (whether its just for a single athlete or a sports team poster) here.

3. Magazine Cover Backgrounds

Magazine Cover Custom Poster Background
click image to customize this background

Magazine cover backgrounds give your custom poster a unique look. It will definitely draw attention. These are perfect for posters that are about a memorable event such as a wedding, vacation trip, etc. They’re also great for sports themed posters; you can imitate the Sports Illustrated look. You can choose from a variety of magazine cover colors here.

Check out our previous post on using a magazine cover and posterize effect to create an artsy poster.

4. Paper and Wood Texture Backgrounds

banner on brick wall poster background
click image to customize this background

Paper, wood, metal, brick, grass, and other textured backgrounds are great for creating smaller posters (8×12”) for college club flyers. You can check out the entire range of custom poster backgrounds suitable for flyers here.

5. Abstract Backgrounds

grunge frame poster background
click image to customize this background

Abstract backgrounds, particular the one above, are popular for almost any type of custom poster. From family memories to party invitations, abstract custom poster backgrounds have been used in creative ways by users.

If you found this roundup useful and inspiring, be sure to tell us in the comments section below. We’re always looking for ways to improve the content of our posts!

A Stylish Family Poster layout

Here’s a stylish custom poster layout that’s great for a family poster with lots of photos in it! Instead of laying out photos in a random collage, first give the poster a prominent caption (‘Christmas 2010’ in the sample below). Then layout your photos around the caption.

holiday Christmas poster idea
click image to customize this poster

To give your poster a stylish and neat look, make sure all your photos are lined up around the caption. That’s really easy to do with the move and resize tools in the Poster Maker. Play around with the sizes of your photos until you get a look that you like. Fill up any left over space with smaller sized photos.

This is a great layout for creating a poster from the ton of holiday photos you probably have lying around unused and unseen.

Get started by clicking the sample poster above to edit it, or start fresh with a new custom poster in our Poster Maker. For more information about high quality custom poster prints, visit

PosterMyWall gets a Makeover

PosterMyWall.comToday we’re excited to unveil the new, improved!

In addition to a completely new design, we’ve changed the way how you can browse through poster backgrounds available on the site, making it much easier to find just the right background for your poster. Did I mention that all poster backgrounds are free?

Here’s a roundup of some of the areas in the website to check out:

  • Tour Page – Not sure what PosterMyWall is all about? Take the new tour and find out what our poster maker has to offer.
  • Poster Backgrounds – Browse through the various categories of high quality, professionally designed poster backgrounds. Click on any for a larger preview, and proceed with customizing it for your poster. Need inspiration?Check out some of the great posters created by users like you in the Public Gallery.
  • Poster Maker – Check out the new look for the poster maker. It’s still as easy to use as before!
  • FAQ – Learn more about what PosterMyWall does. Please contact us for unanswered questions.

We’ve always looking for ways to improve our services. Please feel free to give us your feedback as a comment below or on our Facebook Fan Page.

Magazine Cover style Custom Poster

A cool and easy way to give your custom poster a unique look is to design it like a magazine cover. It’s a great way of putting together a poster with photos from a special event or a vacation.

The sample custom poster below shows how you can put together something for a trip. In your poster you might want to put more photos with people in it. 🙂

travel poster design idea
click image to customize this poster

The key is to have a strong title that looks like a magazine cover. You can add more magazine like text and photos to make your poster look like a typical magazine. Check out the sites below for inspiration:

Check out the Poster Maker for the entire range of magazine cover backgrounds. Drop by on our Facebook Fanpage to show off your cool poster and suggestions for more magazine cover backgrounds.

Win a Free Custom Poster that You Design!

Every month PosterMyWall runs a contest in which you can win a free 8×12″ print (including shipping) of any one of your custom posters. All you have to do is create a poster and click on the ‘Win a Free Print’ button. That will register your poster in the contest.

To win the contest, you need to have the highest number of Thumbs Up’s on your poster. The best way to get those is to share your poster on Facebook and via email with friends and family (just hit the ‘Share’ button on the poster), and ask them to click the Thumbs Up button on your poster.

A contest usually runs for about 2 weeks. If by the end of that period your custom poster has the highest number of Thumbs Up’s, you will be emailed a promotion code which you can use to checkout a 8×12″ print of any custom poster that you like! You can even checkout an InstaCollage that you or a friend created (and shared with you)!

Create your custom poster now! Remember to share your experience on our Facebook Fanpage! 🙂

Create a colorful & artistic poster

Have space on your wall but no art to fill it up with? Want a poster that instantly draws complements? Now you can easily create your very own poster thats got the same look as the popular Che Geuvara posters and t-shirts.

Che Guevara 1962 Andy Warhol Poster (Flickr)

The trick is to use the ‘Posterize’ effect in the PosterMyWall Poster Maker. The Posterize option appears in the bottom most palette on the right side of the screen when you select a photo.

Create a poster using a background you like (tip: you can also click the sample poster below to start editing it). Add a photo on which you want to apply the Posterize effect. Use the ‘Duplicate’ option (tip: it’s in the palette on the top right of the screen) to create duplicates of your photo.

Layout the photos in a grid. Now play around with the Posterize effect until you reach a style that you like. To get the most out of the Posterize effect, use a closeup photo with a plain (or out of focus) background.

andy warhol poster idea
click image to customize this poster

Remember to share your creations in the Public Gallery or on the Fan Page! We’ve love to see what you come up with!