Custom Sports Team Poster Backgrounds – Lots to choose from!

Today we felt like compiling a quick roundup of all the different custom sports team poster backgrounds that are available at There are a lot of different visual styles to choose from, so you can easily design something professional looking for a sports club, or something more casual to catalog your child’s sports achievements.

You can browse through all sports themed backgrounds here. If you’re looking for something abstract (like a star burst background), you can browse through the entire collection of custom poster backgrounds, there’s lots to choose from.

Lets look at each sport individually.


There are a few primary soccer themed backgrounds which have different color variations. Some are shown below.

soccer poster backgroundsoccer poster backgroundsoccer poster background
soccer poster backgroundsoccer poster backgroundsoccer poster background


There is a similar variety for football themed backgrounds, perfect for the college football star in the family.

football poster backgroundfootball poster backgroundfootball poster background


There’s a little less variety for golf, but they make for a great gift for a golf loving dad.

golf sports poster backgroundgolf sports poster backgroundgolf sports poster background

Basketball, Baseball, Tennis

Here’s a peek at some of the other sports themed backgrounds. We really like our basketball poster background.

basketball poster backgroundbaseball poster backgroundtennis sports poster background

General Sports Theme

You will also find high quality backgrounds that are not specific to a certain sport, but are great for sports themed custom posters. Check them out!

sports poster background

sports poster background

sports poster background

dramatic sports poster backgroundsoccer poster backgroundabstract poster background

Be sure to check out the great sports related posters created by other users in the Public Gallery. You will also find some samples from PosterMyWall there as well.

Hope this roundup was inspiring!

Get started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your custom sports team poster right away:

  • Like one of the backgrounds you see above? Just click it to customize it in the Poster Maker.
  • Go to, and have a look at some of the features and poster print sizes that we have to offer. Or better yet, take the tour!
  • Check out the PosterMyWall Facebook Fanpage for the latest news and promotions!

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