Make a Friends Collage with PosterMyWall

Friends and photos go together like coffee and cream, and there’s no better way to bring the two together than by making a photo collage. With our online CollageMaker you can make an awesome collage without all the fuss and effort required by a traditional photo editor. The tool also gives you a bunch of fun and easy options to personalize your poster and add all the effects that you want.

Facebook InstaCollage Wizard

If you’ve ever made a collage without our tool before, you know how complicated it can be to select, resize, edit and place your photos. Our CollageMaker automatically takes care of all those steps for you. All you have to do is select photos of your friends and yourself from your Facebook albums and that’s it! The tool will layout the photos based on whatever orientation you choose and from there on, only the sky’s the limit.

friends collage sample

Printing Options

We offer a bunch of printing options. You have the choice of printing posters up to 3 feet tall or downloading photo size images that you can print at home. First decide the purpose of your collage before downloading or ordering it: Is it going to be a birthday gift, an addition to another gift you’ve already bought, or a gift card? You can even use it as wrapping paper! Whatever you decide, remember that a collage has at least 20 photos and you want to make sure that they’re all visible.

PosterMyWall Community and Resources

With PosterMyWall users growing every week our online community and resources are constantly getting stronger. We’ve just added 50 new professionally designed backgrounds for you to use. If you haven’t visited our Facebook Page make sure to go there first to see what our fans are saying and also take a look at the special promotions just for our followers. The public gallery has so many samples from our users that it’s sure to give you ideas for your Friend’s Collage. Make sure to share your image with us when you’re done!

Using PosterMyWall as a Flyer Maker

Flyers are a great way to promote the opening of a new business, or upcoming promotions and events. We’ve previously given ideas for printing flyers from PosterMyWall in our feature focus ‘Make and Print Flyers for Free’. Today we’ll give some ideas on how to use PosterMyWall as a tool to design and print free Business Flyers.

When to Use a Flyer for Your Business

You can have too much of a good thing and the same applies to an attractive flyer for a small business. It’s important to know the right time to design and distribute a business flyer. A few key events that you may want to promote using flyers are:

  • The opening of a new businesses
  • The opening of a new outlet for an existing store
  • Introducing a new product or service to your customers
  • Upcoming sales or special events

Remember that a flyer is best used when it can be distributed for promotional purposes. Avenues for distribution include positioning it near the cash counter, placing it on a community bulletin board or even asking supportive members of your supply chain to display it for you. Use your best judgment on where your customers are most likely to see, notice and remember your flyer.

Making an Effective Flyer for your Business

You don’t have to go to an expensive print company to make a professional looking flyer for your business. There’re a few very simple points that will help you design a highly attractive and specialized flyer for your next event.

  1. Make sure that the name of your business or store is at the very top of the flyer. The name must be written in a clear, large sized font.
  2. The purpose of the flyer should be the second most obvious text in your design. The font should be approximately half the size of the name of your business.
  3. Key messages should “hop out”. Think of your flyer like a billboard that viewers will pass at highway speeds. Don’t lose your message on a busy background. A good test is to hold the flyer at arm’s length and squint. Are your key messages the main thing you see? If not, you need to make the messages standout more.
  4. Contact information should definitely be mentioned in a discrete but visible corner of the flyer. Font size should range from 12 to 16. This should be clearly visible but not distract people from the first two points.
  5. Finally, a professional yet eye-catching background should be used to grab people’s attention. We have a whole collection of backgrounds which are free for use. Check out some of the one’s listed below, or view the whole collection of flyer backgrounds. Click on a background thumbnail to get started with your flyer.
Announcement Flyer Backgrounds
yellow stripes flyer backgroundgreen blue starburst announcement flyer backgroundblue starburst flyer background
grunge frame flyer backgroundmetal flyer backgroundflyer on brick wall background
Sports Business Flyer Backgrounds
sports field flyer backgroundsoccerball on fire flyer backgroundgolf putter flyer background
baseball closeup flyer backgroundbasketball flyer backgroundbasketball court flyer background

We have a lot more sports themed flyer/poster backgrounds, check out the entire collection here.

Party/Bar Business Flyer Backgrounds
bar flyer backgrounddancing crowd flyer backgroundwine glasses celebration flyer background
pink disco flyer backgroundchampagne bottle opening flyer backgrounddance party flyer background
Travel Business Flyer Backgrounds
beach sandals flyer background
Music Business Flyer Backgrounds
girl dancing flyer backgroundguitar rock concert flyer background
guitar flyer backgroundconcert crowd flyer backgroundmicrophone flyer background

There are lots more music themed flyer/poster backgrounds here.

PosterMyWall Tools for Creating a Business Flyer

With PosterMyWall, you don’t even have to find a business flyer template to get you started. Here are a few powerful tools we provide to make the process as easy as possible.

  • Take a look at the ready-made backgrounds we have in our library. This is the ideal starting point for your business flyer.
  • Visit our Facebook Fanpage to exchange ideas with other professionals.
  • Take a tour to familiarize yourself with PosterMyWall and the options that it provides.

If you’re one of our dedicated fans you know that PosterMyWall provides multiple printing & download options, one of which is free for a flyer quality image. So get started today and make sure to share your business flyer with us when you’re done!

Make a Birthday Poster with PosterMyWall!

Birthdays come around every year and it can be quite difficult to come up with personalized birthday gifts each time. We offer an easy and fun solution with our Facebook InstaCollage Maker and Poster Builder online tools which let you make one of a kind birthday gifts. A personalized poster is the perfect birthday gift for absolutely anyone! Today we’re sharing a few themes for birthday posters that will definitely make for a very special gift.

Themed Birthday Party and Poster

If there’s a birthday party being thrown for the birthday boy or girl consider having a themed party and a matching poster gift.

Examples that go well are:

  • Jungle Theme: There’re tons of ideas on the Internet for throwing a jungle party including wild decorations, jungle games, and even jungle style food such as coconut punch and tropical salads. You can match the jungle theme party with a personalized jungle poster. Try to place the birthday boy or girl’s photo in the center of a lion or monkey face for a few laughs. Or making a collage and add photos of wild animals along with the birthday honoree!
  • Fantasy Theme: Similar to the jungle theme, fantasy decorations can easily be put up both indoors and outdoors to create a magical ambiance. Think about adding dragons, fairies, elves, monsters and any other creatures that you can come up with. Then get images and photos together to make your personalized birthday gift.
Backgrounds for your Birthday Poster

We’ve got a large (and growing) library of professionally designed poster backgrounds that you can use for your posters. Check out the entire collection here. Check out backgrounds in the Celebration, Kids, and Family Collage categories for goods ones for a birthday poster.

Click a background below to make a poster on it in the poster builder.

pink party poster backgroundgirly rainbow party poster backgroundblue starburst poster background
purple element poster backgroundannouncement flyer backgroundyellow announcement flyer background
(Photo) Signature Birthday Poster

A signature poster is a unique way to give a birthday gift from multiple people. Ask the birthday boy or girl’s friends to give you a photo of themselves taken specially for their friend’s birthday. (Tip: you can invite them as contributors to the poster, allowing them to add their photos themselves!) Make sure to include other birthday images such as cakes, candles, birthday banners and gifts to make it as colorful as possible. You’ll find a ton of clipart images inside the Poster Builder. Finally add the birthday honoree’s photo in the middle of the poster and you’ll have the perfect custom-made birthday gift!

Magazine/CD/Book Cover Poster

Using magazines, CD’s or book covers is an especially good idea for the younger children out there. Get a picture of their favorite cover and add their own photo into the image. Our background eraser tool will let you do this without having to learn complicated photo editing software. You don’t have to limit yourself to one cover. Having 4 to 6 different covers will be a great way to use the space on your birthday poster gift.

Other Hints and Tips
  • Learn more about all the features of the poster and collage maker by taking the tour!
  • We’ve recently started offering affordable high-quality download options for your custom creations. Explore all your options from the ‘download’ button on the top right of your screen
  • Visit our Facebook Fanpage for the latest promotions and deals
  • Make sure to check out all the clip art in our clip art library to get cute, readymade images for your poster or collage