Use PosterMyWall to make a Flyer for your next Party!

Making a flyer is a great way to tell your friends about the next summer party you’re going to be throwing. PosterMyWall is not only an online poster maker, it also provides options for downloading images to print as flyers for your next party event. To see the different sizes available, check out all the options from the ‘Download’ button on top of the Poster Maker screen.

We’ve already previewed some great flyer backgrounds available in the Poster Maker, check them out here.

Information to Add to Your Party Flyer

Depending on the theme of your party, you want to make sure to add a title to your flyer that will catch everyone’s attention. Try to think of creative words and phrases that people will be attracted to. For example, instead of ‘Summer Party’ you could write ‘Sizzling Fun in the Sun’. There’re a few pieces of basic information that you should also be included. It’s not necessary to include all of the points listed below, choose whatever you think suits your flyer best.

  • Time and Date
  • Venue
  • Directions
  • Theme
Types of Images and Photos to Use

It’s important to keep in mind that flyers are distributed and that they can sometimes end up in the hands of people that they weren’t intended for. Because of this you probably don’t want to include personal photos of yourself, family, or friends. Search for more generic images using the Flickr search tool available in the Poster Maker. There are a bunch of party related clipart available in the Poster Maker as well, just click the ‘add clipart’ option. We’ve reviewed our clipart library previously in this article: Exciting new Clipart for Party Flyers and More!.

Getting Started

Make sure to check out our specially designed backgrounds just for flyers. They’re a great way to get started on your next party flyer. If you’re stuck or want to reach out to someone to get some ideas, contact us on our Facebook Fanpage.

Making Sports Posters with our Poster Maker

Today we’ve got another great poster idea for all the parents out there with sports enthusiasts in the family. Use background templates provided by our designers to make a Sports Poster with the Poster Maker. Summer vacations are here and it’s the perfect time to put together all the school sports team memories that your child has collected. You can also make a sports poster for any summer sports program that your child is enrolled in. So get creative and get started today!

custom football sports team poster idea

custom poster for football team

custom basketball sports team poster idea

custom soccer sports team poster idea

custom basketball sports team poster idea

custom sports team poster idea

Take a Look at the Sports Templates

We recently added over 50 new and exciting backgrounds (view library of backgrounds) to give you a starting point for your poster. In these, you’ll find bright and colorful templates for soccer, football, basketball and more general sports backgrounds. Before selecting your background you’ll obviously want to decide if you want to make a poster for one team or a poster including photos of your star in different sporting events. There’s a very cool background of a stadium with fans which is suitable for any type of poster you decide to make.

Before proceeding any further, checkout the different articles we’ve done in the past on making great sports team posters. Each article contains a list of backgrounds (with thumbnail previews) relevant to the sport.

Tips on Collecting and Editing Photos

Any parent who has taken photos at a sports event knows how difficult it can be to capture the perfect moment. That leaves you with lots of sports photos that may not be suitable for your poster. Here’re a few tips to select photos that will make your poster look like it was designed by a professional:

  • Either select photos where the person is in the center or crop the photos to exclude any unwanted background.
  • Exclude any photos that are blurry or fuzzy. They’ll ruin the overall look of the poster.
  • Use tools available in the Poster Maker to enhance your photos. Make sure to take a look at the Erase Background, Edge Effect and Posterize Effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
Getting Started

We always encourage our readers to browse through the Public Gallery, its regularly updated and there’re tons of ideas to get you going. We regularly offer promotional discounts so join us on our Facebook Fanpage to stay up to date. If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!