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The Fall/Winter sports seasons have come and gone and the Spring sport season is upon us. I have many great photos from the assortment of my children’s volleyball, soccer and football games. So I’ve taken advantage of those fantastic pictures that were taken by other teammates’ talented parents who have been generous with sharing their photos. My son’s football team captured the CIF-CCS Football Championship and I couldn’t be prouder. His love and dedication of football since he started Pop Warner in 4th grade culminated in clinching the Title his senior year. I’ve captured his last season of football with a collage that highlights him, his amazing team, coaches and the CCS ring!

football sports collage

Creating the collage was pretty quick and most of all ….easy. You can be creative from beginning to end selecting your backgrounds, text, artistic effects or you can simply use my poster or the other templates that are on the site. Simply click on it and you’ll be able to create a sports collage in minutes.  Use promo code; SPORTSPRINT25 to get you started. Expires on 2/27/2012!


How to make Posters that are Effective and Creative!

Every poster has a purpose. Usually, that purpose is the onlooker’s decision to take an action. So, if you place posters for a school election candidate, they can only be concluded as successful if students go out and vote for that candidate. It is important your message in the poster be clear, appealing in appearance and convincing. A well designed poster can achieve what a badly designed poster cannot.

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Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras…Here We Come!

Now that we’ve managed to fill up on decadent chocolates and delectable delights on Valentine’s Day, there is still one week of feasting to be had! Fat Tuesday or otherwise known as “Mardi Gras” is next week on Tuesday, February 21.  If you can’t get to New Orleans to end Carnival, you can bring a little Bourbon St. to your neck of the woods. So grab some Mardi Gras beads, masks, king cakes and head out to a room full of your favorite people for the last day of feasting before it’s Fish on Fridays!

Check out this cool Mardi Gras Party Flyer.  You can get the party started and share your flyers on our site via email or Facebook!

Mardi Gras Party Flyer

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 School flyer template

 Band flyer template Party flyer template

Getting started

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Make your event a success with flyers!

Flyers have always been an efficient and affordable way to attract audiences. Be it a Christmas dinner, fundraising concert or even a disco party at your local club.

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A Valentine Gift to Show Your Love Each and Every Day!

You know that Willie Nelson song… “You Are Always On My Mind”? A custom photo calendar is a great Valentine gift idea to make that song ring true. Your Special Someone can’t help but think of you every day when they see that beautiful wall calendar with a collage of photos capturing those special times together.

valentines day gift idea

You can create a calendar with the Facebook InstaCollage wizard or turn a poster into a calendar. Check out our site for inspiration and get started!