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Veronica loves the funky fonts and bright colored backgrounds in the poster maker. She mostly designs posters for stuff going on on her college campus, like club flyers and party invites. Have a look at some of her poster design ideas below!
Business Flyer Templates

Selecting a Custom Flyer Template

You’ve already decided a custom flyer is a smart way to promote your business.

Now, how do you decide which template to use?

First, we make it easy to get started with our template library. We’ve already done the work of organizing templates into categories. Searching for ideas to promote your bar or restaurant? Then browse from Karaoke, Concert/Band, Party or Bar flyer templates.

Next, think about how you’ll use the flyer. Will it be displayed or posted somewhere in particular? If so, make sure your flyer’s orientation fits the space allotted. Do you need a horizontal or vertical template?

Don’t forget to consider the final size. We offer 4”x6” cards all the way up to 24”x36” posters. Flyers with minimal copy can work great at smaller sizes, whereas larger formats can typically support a bit more text. If you aren’t sure, 7.33”x11” is a solid choice to use.

Small Business Flyer Templates

3 Benefits of Using Customizable Flyer Templates for Your Business

If you’re like other business owners, marketing your services takes a back seat to day-to-day operations. But getting the word out is the best way to keep customers coming back and new business walking in the door!

Since first priority is running your business, PosterMyWall makes it fast and easy for anyone to use customizable flyer templates to creatively showcase your business, special deals, or upcoming events.

Why use a customizable flyer template?

  • Endless options – With 1000s of designed and themed templates available from PosterMyWall, no need to start from scratch. Our team and community of designers have done all the hard work creating attractive and professional looking flyers, so you can get easily get started.
  • Flexibility – Templates allow you to change text, colors, fonts, images, and backgrounds. Matching your business colors or brand only takes a few clicks.
  • Affordability – It’s totally free to create a custom flyer! If you like it, buy higher quality prints on premium photo paper starting at around $7.50 plus shipping.

Check out our Templates Gallery to begin making your own customized flyer!


Celebrate the graduate in your life with a customized poster!

Caps unfolded and gowns pressed. Haircuts and nail appointments booked. Final speeches written and rehearsed. Yes, graduation season is upon us. Whether you’re celebrating your precious one’s transition from kindergarten to first grade, or your high schooler’s journey into college, memorialize their best moments with a photo collage. With our Collage Maker, you can make an awesome product that’ll be sure to bring big smiles, and maybe a few happy tears, without too much muss and fuss on your end.

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Create stunning photo collages – no artistic talent needed!

We all have friends who get their photos together, organized and displayed right away, exactly on time for the New Year. If that isn’t your strong suit, try our amazing Collage Maker and see how easy it is to create something special — no artistic talent needed! Whether you want to simply post the collage to share on Facebook, or make a fantastic poster for the family room, you’ll love the end results!

photo collage template

Get Started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your download, print, or poster right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about the use of the many tools to make your desired collage a reality.
  • Use these easy tools to customize backgrounds or templates.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.

Publicize your School Clubs with a poster!

school club flyer templateDoes the Spanish club have activities coming up? Is the volunteer club looking for help with a project? Get the word out with eye-catching posters that will steal attention when your classmates walk down the halls. It only takes a few minutes to create your publicity using our online poster maker! Our cool backgrounds, text effects, and clipart make your posters pop and will surely help you reach your club’s goals.

Be sure to check out poster templates for school club activities; they’ll help you get a head start by providing a nice layout for you to customize with your message. Continue reading

Need Help Asking her to Prom?

Prom is approaching quickly for high school students everywhere. You might be in need of ideas for asking someone to prom. They will definitely say ‘yes’ with the creative but classic idea of one or many massive posters asking them to the big dance. Our online poster maker is the perfect tool for creating dazzling, impressive custom posters that will wow everyone who sees. Some options for your poster includes:

  • One large poster with their name and the word “prom?”
  • Many posters, held up by your friends who are helping you out, that read “Will you go to prom with me?” with one word per poster
  • Use of a clever one liner or inside joke that will be sure to win them over

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Create eye catching flyers to advertise your business’ Valentine specials!

With February peeking round the corner Valentine’s is just about here. PosteryMyWall can help you spread the word with classy and creative flyer templates for your special Valentine’s Day events or special promotions.   We have great Valentine-themed templates to easily make flyers for your upcoming party or dance that will get the buzz going for your event. Check out some sample templates below, or browse the entire collection here.

party flyer templateparty flyer templateparty flyer template

Make your event a success with flyers!

Flyers have always been an efficient and affordable way to attract audiences. Be it a Christmas dinner, fundraising concert or even a disco party at your local club.

Take a look at the new Event flyer templates sections, the templates there are sure to help you out in deciding the right look for your flyer. We also recommend you take a look at some backgrounds suitable for event flyers.

If you are new to PosterMyWall, don’t fret, you can take a tour and learn about our flyer maker and its features.



Free Downloads available!

Once you have completed and saved your flyer, you can save the image (for free!) and print the flyer in bulk on your own. For $2.99, you can get a higher quality image that gives sharp and vivid prints! We also make it really easy to share your flyer via email or Facebook.