Masking Photos on PosterMyWall just became a cinch!

Whether you’re creating a cute family poster or designing flyers for your next party, erasing the background of photos (or applying a Mask for the graphic design savvy) always gives your design that extra bit of pizzaz.

You’ve always been able to Mask photos on PosterMyWall. In fact, it is one of our most used Poster Maker effects. So when we recreated the Poster Maker from scratch we paid special attention to making Masking easier and more useful.

Masking photos in the Poster Maker
Click or Tap points around the subject to Mask.

Professional image quality

Gone is the Magic Eraser which although pretty awesome, used to result in empty pixels around the subject. Now you can simply click points around an object and the Poster Maker uses complicated mathematics (and a tiny bit of magic) to make the outline snug around the subject. This results in masked images that look incredibly smooth and professional.

Easy as 1-2-3

When creating points around an object don’t worry if you make a mistake. You can easily drag and move points around to create the perfect outline. You can also undo and redo your actions, even after saving the Mask. And if you’re masking on a phone or tablet, we make points a bit bigger so they’re easier to grab.

Tip: Always zoom in when masking, it makes for a super accurate outline.

Straight lines for blocky objects

By default the masking tool joins points with smooth curves that follow a path around the object. This is great when you’re masking photos of people. But if you’re masking something with more straight edges than curves, like a building or a car, switch to using straight lines by clicking the Joints button. This will give you a more accurate Mask.

Have fun masking your photos! Help us make the Poster Maker better by giving us feedback on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Design Poster Templates on PosterMyWall. Get Paid!

We have a new and exciting rollout at PosterMyWall; a designer community feature!

Our goal is to offer our users more opportunities to create stunning unique posters; by adding your poster template you can sell art online, help the community and yourself – in just a few simple steps.

Have a look at the latest additions to our Templates Gallery and let your creativity flow!

Learn more about selling art on PosterMyWall


Introducing Fancy Text – Take Your Flyer Designs to the Next Level

Here at PosterMyWall we’re always working on tools that allow our users to fully express their creativity. Users surprise us on a regular basis by using editing tools in the Poster Maker in new and creative ways. Over the years we’ve seen some stunning typography work on custom posters and flyers. Today we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the set of typography features in the Poster Maker. We’re calling it Fancy Text.

fancy text effectsWe’ve added 50+ new fonts, along with 23 new amazing looking text effects. The image above shows just a few of the great looking effects you can now use in your flyers and posters. Each effect is customizable, allowing you to pick a font of your choosing and specify colors.

So go ahead and create your poster and let us know what you think of these text effects. You can leave a comment on our Facebook Page or Tweet @postermywall.

Announcing Free Classroom Accounts believes in supporting education so we’ve created a valuable program for teachers/educators – The Classroom Accounts Program. Here are few highlights of a classroom account:

  • Create projects to organize posters created by students.
  • Students are not required to create an account.
  • Students see only posters created within the classroom. No public sharing.
  • Students’ projects are never made public.
  • No ads.
  • Completely free to teachers.

Remember it’s free and easy. Upgrade your account if you already have an account with us. Don’t worry if you’re a new user, you will automatically be signed-up during the upgrade process.

Upgrade to Classroom Account

New Product Line Features Ready to Hang Framed, Mounted and Wrapped Prints

Our customers have been asking for this and we are now excited to introduce our premium product line. I’ve been extremely impressed and pleased with the level of creative and aesthetic acumen our customers have demonstrated creating their poster at our site. From the array of sports collages with great photos and unique layouts to the artistic flair of flyers touting a band’s next gig or an organization’s event, they are “works of art”.  My favorite though  are the sentimental works. such as the the creative college student’s photo collage to her parents using snapshots of letters spelling “Thank You” at different places of her travels or the best friend or sweetheart posters collaging their journey together.

These wonderfully created posters should be seen and enjoyed everyday which is why we are thrilled to offer several ways to displays these works of arts from the heart. From the traditional natural wood frames (in three types of finishes)  to the more modern look of the paper or canvas thin wrapped mounts and the stand out mounts, we are sure you’ll find a selection that will complete the look.  Please visit the website and read more details about these new  products.essay writers

Flyer templates – Easy way to make a flyer in no time!

We have a new feature at PosterMyWall which will help you make a flyer like never before. The Flyer Templates page has all the templates you need for a flyer for any event. By customizing one of our templates, you avoid the hassle of choosing a suitable background and the text that goes with it. Have a look at User Created Posters which contains a collection of posters, flyers and collages created and (in most cases) ordered by our users.

Flyer template Flyer templateFlyer template
Flyer templateFlyer templateFlyer template

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your flyer right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about the use of the many fun tools to make an awesome flyer.
  • Use these easy tools to customize the chosen background or template.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.
  • The flyer image download is absolutely FREE.

Great new Christmas Clip Art for your Flyers and Posters

We’ve added a bunch of new Christmas/Holidays themed clip art of the poster maker. Clip art are a great way of adding a bit of zing to your artwork, especially if you’re making a flyer for a holiday party or event. They’re also great for decorating Christmas gifts, such as a collage of family photos.

christmas and holiday clipart

How to Add Clip Art

Adding clip art to your poster is extremely easy. On the top left of the Poster Maker you’ll see a link titled ‘Add clipart’. When you click this link a window will open up showing the different clipart images available from our library. There’s also an option to search through the library for any specific image that you may be looking for. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see all the various images available.

Get started with making your Christmas poster now!

Exciting new Clip Art for Party Flyers and More!

There’s a new and exciting feature especially for party flyers in the Poster Maker! The tool now lets you add clipart to your flyers and posters. This feature is especially exciting for flyers that target schools and parties because it adds in a quick element of fun. Don’t forget, once you make your poster the Poster Maker lets you download a free image of the flyer for printing and distribution!

party flyer clipart sample

How to Add Clip Art

Adding clip art to your poster is extremely easy. On the top left of the Poster Maker you’ll see a link titled ‘Add clipart’. When you click this link a window will open up showing the different clipart images available from our library. There’s also an option to search through the library for any specific image that you may be looking for. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see all the various images available.

Ideas for Clip Art and Party Flyers

You may be thinking that clipart will make a flyer or poster look childish. However, if used correctly and with some creativity clipart images can actually make both the poster and flyer look very modern and trendy. Try these ideas to incorporate clipart into your next party or school flyer:

  • Instead of placing the callout balloon next to a photo, use it next to your school mascot or some other cartoon character to mention information like time, venue, and date of the next event. This will give it an artistic look and feel rather than looking like the work of a child or amateur.
  • Use the ‘I Love..’ clipart images and add text to say ‘I Love a Good Time’ or ‘I Love Football’. This technique will allow you to customize your poster and flyer in a super fun way.
  • Combine different clipart images to create your own unique message. Try using the football or basketball images in a callout balloon instead of using words.
  • You can resize clipart and make them the center of your poster. This way, you can save time by not having to search for the right photo and instead focus on printing your flyers and posters.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Clipart gives you the freedom of adding many pictures and making your poster and flyer speak for themselves. Try making one for your next party!

Not sure where to start? Take a tour of PosterMyWall here. Also get loads of ideas for posters and flyers in our Public Gallery.

Make and Print Flyers for free!

Recently we added a Download button in the Poster Maker that allows you to download a small version of your poster to your computer. That poster size is great for printing a small scale version of your poster to use as a flyer for parties and other events. A poster/flyer combo is great to use for party invitations, as an informational tool, or to promote your band, club, sports team and other school groups.

You can download a flyer-size image of your custom poster by clicking on the download button on the top right of the Poster Maker and saving the image to your computer. You can print this image to make as many flyers as you need (a regular home printer would be good enough for printing flyers). Below are some tips on how to make a great poster/flyer combo and where the best places to use them are.

Getting the Most from Posters and Flyers

Since the content of your poster and flyer will be the same, you need to make sure that you get the most out of all the hard work that you put in. It’s important to understand the basic difference between the two: posters are large and usually put on walls while flyers are smaller in size and can be handed out. If you’re having a party and want to hand out flyers make sure you include the time, date, and venue on the design. If it’s an informational poster/flyer then the text added needs to be just right for both large and small printing. The same applies when selecting photos for promotional posters of school groups. You need to make sure that everything you put on your poster will look good on a flyer as well.

Where to Use a Poster/Flyer Combo

To gain the greatest visibility, distribute your flyers in a different area from where your poster is displayed. If you’re doing this for a party you could always display the poster at the entrance of the party and hand out the flyers in and around your school. If this is for informational purposes, try displaying your poster on school and community bulletin boards and distributing the flyers at your local market place or school events. Posters for school groups can be placed in the gym and locker rooms while flyers are handed out at school events. The key is to make sure that your poster and flyers are seen by as many people as possible.

Flyer Backgrounds

Our professionally designed backgrounds provide a great starting point for any poster and flyer combination. Check out the backgrounds specifically designed for flyers here. They’ve been designed to be used as posters and flyers and are great for adding text and photos. These are just a few from the awesome collection we have!

brick and banner poster background

metal poster background

blue burst poster background

green grass poster background

white fence with grass poster background

red brick wall poster background