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Too School for Cool – The Best Election Posters and Flyers!

Before school ends and summer begins, there are still school elections. Each class, each student body, needs a voice to be their voice. So let PosterMyWall be your voice and help with your campaign!

With our user-friendly tools, you can create catchy slogans with cool fonts and hang posters in the school hallways. Your campaign team can pass out customized campaign flyers to your classmates between breaks. You can even download your flyer for free and use it on your social media sites!

Try one of our templates below, or browse through our entire gallery.

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NFL mania is in full swing! With so many teams battling it out each week, it feels like most Sundays, we can be found glued to our TV screens. If you own a bar, what better way to inspire fans to come out to your bar on game day than drink specials and food deals?

Let PosterMyWall help you create flyers for your bar. With the playoffs coming up, and the NBA season just gearing up, there’s no excuse to not use promotional marketing materials like bar flyers! Plus, PosterMyWall is budget-friendly and user-friendly!

After deciding what kind of promotion is best for your business, select from one of our templates below, or visit our complete gallery of bar flyer templates. You can find our top tips for marketing your business here.

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Real Estate Flyer Templates

Designing Eye-Catching Real Estate Flyers

You just secured a new real estate listing. Looking for flyer and poster ideas to help take your new listing to “SOLD”?

Easily create an eye-catching custom real estate flyer by employing these 5 tips:

  • Include both exterior and interior property pictures. Our real estate flyer templates allow you to quickly add multiple images and show off each property’s best features.
  • Create a bullet list of 4-6 top features. Include those on the flyer to promote the property’s unique characteristics.
  • Use a template design that reflects the ambiance of the property. If the home is modern, select a flyer template that is polished and sparse. If the home is vintage, use a template that feels more traditional.
  • Make sure to print enough flyers for open houses and private showings. We offer bulk printing of flyers and posters to keep it cost-effective.
  • Always include ways for people to contact you for more information on your poster! QR codes have become especially popular.

With these suggestions, you’ll be welcoming home a new buyer in no time!

Fitness poster templates

New Year, New You – and Them too!!!

It never fails – every year, people vow to be eat better and live healthier. And you, my dear gym owner/trainer/guru, will host events and promote specials to encourage these people to be “all that they can be.” And once they sign up with you, or attend a class or two, you’ll be the same person to cheer them on to run that extra mile, and get in their faces when they’re ready to give up.

But how will you get these people to come to you? Easy! Allow PosterMyWall to lend you the motivation you can pass along to your clients. We have a huge gallery of stock fitness images you can hang on the walls, and a wide selection of inspirational templates you can use on the those event flyers you’ll be distributing to newbies and veterans alike (click here for tips on how to customize your event flyer).

 Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template
 Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template


Get ready… to help everyone else get ready… to *PUMP* it up!!!

Before you begin…

  • Take a tour to learn about the tools and options PosterMyWall offers.
  • Browse through our design blogs to get some fresh ideas.
  • Like us on our Facebook page, so you’ll receive news of our of the latest deals, contests and promotions.
Halloween Flyer Template

Hoodoo Voodoo Halloween is almost HERE!

Halloween is just around the corner. So pick out the perfect pumpkin, throw on the spookiest costume, and get ready for a haunting good time!

Lure unsuspecting ghouls and gals to the best Halloween event on the block with a little help from PosterMyWall! Whether you’re throwing an adult-only costume party or hosting a backyard bash, complete with bobbing for apples for the kiddies, you can choose from our vast gallery of stock images to make the most boo-tiful flyer for your event.

To get started, click on one of these templates below to instantly customize with your flyer. Or view our complete gallery of Halloween flyer templates.

 Halloween poster template Halloween poster template Halloween flyer
 Halloween poster template Halloween poster template Halloween poster template

Tips and Tricks

  • Like and visit our Facebook page to stay on top of the latest deals, contest and promotions.

  •  If you want to save a little money on printing, use our download feature to get a free download to print at home.

Small Business Flyer Templates

3 Benefits of Using Customizable Flyer Templates for Your Business

If you’re like other business owners, marketing your services takes a back seat to day-to-day operations. But getting the word out is the best way to keep customers coming back and new business walking in the door!

Since first priority is running your business, PosterMyWall makes it fast and easy for anyone to use customizable flyer templates to creatively showcase your business, special deals, or upcoming events.

Why use a customizable flyer template?

  • Endless options – With 1000s of designed and themed templates available from PosterMyWall, no need to start from scratch. Our team and community of designers have done all the hard work creating attractive and professional looking flyers, so you can get easily get started.
  • Flexibility – Templates allow you to change text, colors, fonts, images, and backgrounds. Matching your business colors or brand only takes a few clicks.
  • Affordability – It’s totally free to create a custom flyer! If you like it, buy higher quality prints on premium photo paper starting at around $7.50 plus shipping.

Check out our Templates Gallery to begin making your own customized flyer!


Real Estate Flyer Templates

One man’s treausure…

… may be your next home or office!

According to this article,  “a well-designed real estate marketing flyer for each property listing you have is one of those indispensable marketing tools to have at the ready.” So let PosterMyWall help you create that perfect real estate flyer for you!

To get started, click on one of these templates below to instantly customize with your content. Or view our complete gallery of real estate flyer templates.

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