Graphic Design for Beginners

At PosterMyWall, we allow people of all skill levels to create great design.  We offer a huge assortment of designs so that you can find the right one for your purpose, make some small changes, and get a great looking product.

But what if you’re looking for something more custom?  Good custom design is easy if you keep some basic principles in mind.  That’s why we love this YouTube video; Graphic Design for Beginners.  In 14 minutes, it covers the important core concepts of design.  Even a beginner will be creating great design in no time.

Graphic Design for Beginners

If you’re looking to do more extreme customization of a poster template or even start from scratch, but don’t have a design background, we urge you do so with these an understanding of these four principles of design in mind.

  • Contrast – Using opposite elements together to get things to pop out
  • Repetition – Use a design element many times across a design to make it fit together
  • Alignment – Element placement to create order, consistency and connection
  • Proximity – Grouping connected elements together to make information easy to find

Learn (or re-learn) something new everyday!

First time designing posters? Looking for tips for designing better posters? PosterMyWall is THE site to help you make customized posters, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tricks that will help you create a visual masterpiece. According to blogger, Jamie Oetting, “there are some basic principles that many designers adhere to, and knowing these core ideas will give you the power to either follow or break the rules.” A good or bad design is subjective, but check out this blog post to learn 10 principles that will help you design a poster you’d be happy to share with others!

When you’re ready…

Once you’ve learned through the design principles, here are some things to consider when you start to build your poster.

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about the use of the many tools to make your desired poster a reality.

  • Use these easy tools to customize poster backgrounds or templates.

  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.

Tips for Customizing Posters on Poster Studio

A lot of our posts contain pre-designed custom posters that you can just take and customize with a single click. Today we thought we’d go over some of the ways in which you can customize a poster so that you can make full use of the features in the custom poster maker.

Replacing a Photo

Many pre-designed custom posters have a number of suggested photos with various effects (like soft edges, rotation, shadows, borders etc.) applied to them. Instead of using the ‘Add Image’ button to upload and replace the suggested photo manually, you can simply:

  1. Click on the suggested/sample photo.
  2. Click on the ‘Replace Photo’ option that appears in a palette on the right side of your screen.

Replace photo on a custom poster

Duplicating Text and Photos

A pre-designed custom poster will mostly style photos and text a certain way so that they blend nicely with the poster background. If you want to add more text (or photos … but this technique works best for pieces of text) on a poster that use the same styles as all the other pieces of text on the poster, you can simply duplicate any piece of text by:

  1. Clicking on a piece of text or photo that you want to duplicate.
  2. Clicking on the ‘Duplicate’ option that appears in the a palette on the top-right side of your screen.

Duplicate item in a custom poster

Change Poster Background

Sometimes you will see a nicely laid out pre-designed custom poster, but when you add your own content the background doesn’t really look nice. There’s hope! You can retain everything on your poster and simply swap the background. Simply:

  1. Click the ‘Change background’ option in the palette on the top-left side of your screen.
  2. Select a new background from the variety of different background types. You can select either a solid color background, a background with 2 colors faded together, or a professionally designed image background.

Change background of a custom poster

There are a lot more handy options that you can use in the poster maker to enhance a pre-designed custom poster or one that you create from scratch. Good luck with creating your own posters, and do share any feedback you have with us on our Facebook FanPage!

Collaborating on a Poster with Friends on Facebook

The most fun I have when doing any kind of scrapbooking is when I’ve got friends helping me with it. It’s great to see their contributions to a project, especially when you’ve got creative friends 🙂

You can do the same on PosterMyWall, by inviting friends on Facebook to help you with a poster. If you’re logged into PosterMyWall using Facebook Connect, all you have to do is click the ‘Invite Contributors’ link in the options that are visible on the poster page.

Alternatively, if you’ve got the poster open in the Poster Maker, simply hit the big orange ‘Share!’ button in the top right.

In the window that opens:

  1. Give your poster a name and description, so that friends know what this poster is about.
  2. Select Facebook friends who you want to be able to edit your poster.

A message will appear on each of the invited friends’ Facebook Walls with a link for them to add to your poster. It’s that simple! This is a great way to collaborate on party, sorority, sports, or family posters in which each member can upload their own photos and apply their creative skills on the poster.

Start building your custom poster now!