Create a Romantic Valentine’s Day Poster Using our Collage Maker

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! Have you decided what you’re going to give your special someone this year? Whether the relationship is new and exciting or seasoned and comfortable, why not give a personalized poster using PosterMyWall’s Collage Maker that will showcase all the good times you two have shared? There’s nothing more thoughtful and personalized than a poster which will let you and your valentine revisit your memorable moments.

You can even have a themed collage for Valentines Day; consider adding photos from:

  • A memorable vacation
  • A special year in your lives
  • Funny moments
Make Sure to Select Photos that are Right for Your Collage

Remember that the layout of a collage is different than a regular poster. Because there are multiple photos in a collage the photos you select should ideally have both of you in the picture. Also, close up shots tend to catch the eye in a collage, so pick some good ones of you and your partner! The tool is so easy to use it even lets you select photos directly from Facebook!

Use the Collage Maker to Modify the Layout and Borders

The Collage Maker makes your life super easy by laying out all the photos you selected for your collage automatically. You can then shuffle the photos and add borders to further customize your collage for your valentine. Make sure to try all the border settings to see which you like best.

Edit the Color Theme of Your Collage Poster

Once you’ve selected the photos, layout and borders for your poster collage the tool will let you select one of six color themes. Try breaking the standard red theme of Valentines Day and be creative with black & white, sepia or even green! With just one click PosterMyWall will allow you to see a preview of what your Poster Collage is going to look like.

Add a Frame for Highlighting Photos or Inserting a Caption

The final step for your Valentine’s Day collage poster is to add a frame which can be used for adding loving captions or highlighting center photos, which you can add in the last step. There are a number of shapes available; keep it simple or funky – it’s entirely up to you!

Add the Final Touches to Your Poster

The last step will let you make a few more changes to your poster. You can add individual photos and text. Try adding captions to multiple photos or come up with a catchy greeting for your valentine. Modify your collage as little or as much as you want! Browse through the Public Gallery on PosterMyWall for inspiration and let your creativity run free for a gift that will be cherished for years to come. Here’re a few to get you started:

valentines collage maker sample

valentines poster gift idea

valentines personalized gift idea

Give your Valentine a Custom Poster – Capture those special moments in a collage

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Everyone knows the usual dozen red roses, cute stuffed animals, and dainty chocolates is the way to a girl’s heart, but why always give the same thoughtless gifts every year. We suggest breaking this trend and changing things up in 2011! Give your loved one a gift that is more personal and straight from your heart. A great valentine gift idea is a custom poster and collage that celebrates the memories you and your valentine have built over the years. PosterMyWall Collage Maker offers a fun and simple way to take your photos and create professional quality posters that your loved one will enjoy for a lifetime.

Don’t worry if graphic editing programs have scared you off in the past. PosterMyWall makes the experience painless and fun. Simply choose a backdrop from a wide variety of background images or use that favorite panoramic photo you and your valentine shot on vacation. Then, select the photos that capture the spirit of your relationship and start creating!

valentine gift idea

The website is very easy to use and offers many options to meet your creative needs. To make your poster more interesting, use the Magic and Simple Erasers to take off those unwanted parts in your photos, and add a glow for a soft blend into your background. Make sure you play with the different fonts, colors, and effects to give your poster a more consistent feel.

A personalized valentine gift from PosterMyWall is a thoughtful, fun, and budget friendly present that your valentine will always cherish. It’s the best way to preserve your photos and share them with your friends and family. Go visit the Public Gallery for ideas and start building your custom poster!

NEW! Download your Custom Posters!

We had been getting requests from users for an option that allows you to download a bigger image of your poster. Well, now you can!

Simply click the big orange ‘Download’ button in the Poster Maker to download your poster as a JPG image to your computer. You can do anything with your custom poster image, including editing it in your favorite photo editing software or printing it!

Please feel free to give your feedback or request more features by contacting us on our Facebook Fanpage.

Awesome Effect for your Custom Poster – Photo Scraps

If you’ve been using the Poster Maker for a while, you’ve probably noticed the ‘Erase Background’ option for photos. Apart from completely removing the background in photos, you can use the Magic or Simple erasers to give your photos cool looking edges, so that they look like they were taken from a scrapbook. We call them Photo Scraps!

family scrapbook photos poster idea

The great thing about this technique is that each border will look unique! Check out the sample poster and tips for perfecting this technique below.

family scrapbook poster idea
click to customize this poster


  • Try both the Magic eraser and Simple eraser to rub out the edges. Both these erasers will give different results based on the colors in your photo.
  • If you make a mistake while removing edges, don’t forget about the Undo eraser.
  • Give your photo a glow to make the edges stand out. Play around with the color of the glow for maximum contrast between the photo and the poster background
  • Have fun!

Get Started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your own custom poster right away:

  • Like the sample poster you see above? Just click to customize it in the Poster Maker.
  • Go to, and have a look at some of the features and poster print sizes that we have to offer. Or better yet, take the tour!
  • Check out the PosterMyWall Facebook Fanpage for the latest news and promotions!

Sports Poster Idea – The Sports Illustrated Look

Have a budding athlete in the family? A unique looking customized poster of their action shots would make a great gift!

Wouldn’t it be cool to make a poster that shows your athlete featured on the cover of a sports magazine? Check out some of these poster ideas that look like a magazine cover.

soccer poster idea for a magazine cover
A soccer themed poster idea - click to customize
football poster idea for magazine cover
A football themed poster idea - click to customize
basketball poster idea for magazine cover
A basketball themed poster idea - click to customize

Tips for making a similar poster

Some tips that you’ll find helpful when designing a sports magazine style custom poster:

  • Try the ‘Erase Background’ option for your photos. Have a big photo in the middle of the magazine cover with its background erased. Give it a glow to hide any jaggy edges.
  • For prominent text, try the ‘broken text’ effect. That gives it a rugged, sporty look.
  • Apart from a large photo in the center, try making a collage of smaller photos on either side of the center photo. You can play around with the ‘Fading Edge’ effect for photos to make them blend into the background. Alternatively, you can give the photos a glow, or a border to make them stand out.
  • Look for layout ideas for magazine covers by searching for ‘sports illustrated (and the name of a sport)’ on Google Images.
  • For the complete variety of magazine cover style poster backgrounds, check out the Art Gallery page.

Get started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your own custom sports poster right away:

  • Like one of the poster ideas you see above? Just click to customize it in the Poster Maker.
  • Don’t see a background you like? Tell us what you’d like to see on our Facebook Fanpage. Remember, you can always upload your own poster background in the Poster Maker.
  • Go to, and have a look at some of the features and poster print sizes that we have to offer. Or better yet, take the tour!
  • Check out the PosterMyWall Facebook Fanpage for the latest news and promotions!

Tips for Customizing Posters on Poster Studio

A lot of our posts contain pre-designed custom posters that you can just take and customize with a single click. Today we thought we’d go over some of the ways in which you can customize a poster so that you can make full use of the features in the custom poster maker.

Replacing a Photo

Many pre-designed custom posters have a number of suggested photos with various effects (like soft edges, rotation, shadows, borders etc.) applied to them. Instead of using the ‘Add Image’ button to upload and replace the suggested photo manually, you can simply:

  1. Click on the suggested/sample photo.
  2. Click on the ‘Replace Photo’ option that appears in a palette on the right side of your screen.

Replace photo on a custom poster

Duplicating Text and Photos

A pre-designed custom poster will mostly style photos and text a certain way so that they blend nicely with the poster background. If you want to add more text (or photos … but this technique works best for pieces of text) on a poster that use the same styles as all the other pieces of text on the poster, you can simply duplicate any piece of text by:

  1. Clicking on a piece of text or photo that you want to duplicate.
  2. Clicking on the ‘Duplicate’ option that appears in the a palette on the top-right side of your screen.

Duplicate item in a custom poster

Change Poster Background

Sometimes you will see a nicely laid out pre-designed custom poster, but when you add your own content the background doesn’t really look nice. There’s hope! You can retain everything on your poster and simply swap the background. Simply:

  1. Click the ‘Change background’ option in the palette on the top-left side of your screen.
  2. Select a new background from the variety of different background types. You can select either a solid color background, a background with 2 colors faded together, or a professionally designed image background.

Change background of a custom poster

There are a lot more handy options that you can use in the poster maker to enhance a pre-designed custom poster or one that you create from scratch. Good luck with creating your own posters, and do share any feedback you have with us on our Facebook FanPage!

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