Create a Personalized Photo Collage Gift from your Photos

I’ve caught up on the loss of sleep from Black Friday shopping.  My fingers and eyes are recovering from Cyber Monday but my gift list is still unfinished.  I do have the perfect gift idea for my family members and close friends. Photo collages are an easy gift to make and your loved ones will love receiving such a personal gift.

So take those photos of those precious grand kids that your Mom would love or the photos of your favorite trips and getaways that you’ve shared with special people and use’s Collage Maker to create beautiful photo collage gifts. We have a large variety of high quality collage templates to help you; just pick a design that you like and replace placeholder photos with your own. Browse our complete gallery of templates, or jump straight to family collage templates or holiday collage templates.

Check out some hand-picked templates below.

custom poster templatecustom poster templatecustom poster template
custom poster templatecustom poster templatecustom poster template

If you are a Facebook user, it’s even easier to use yours and your friends’ Facebook photos to create your collage in one sitting! Just use our Facebook Insta-Collage Wizard

Sum up your year in a Beautiful Personalized Photo Card

holiday photo cardIt’s time to start thinking about those holiday cards to send to family and friends. I know I really enjoy receiving photo cards. It’s a treat to see how the kids have grown over the year, the adventures taken, the milestones reached in people’s lives.

It’s great that you can share these events in a holiday greeting card. Just select your favorite photos that capture the highlights of 2012 and turn it into a photo collage. You don’t have to limit it to 2-3 photos but you can have an assortment of photos.  Use our Poster Maker to create a 4×6 photo collage card (25 cards in a set). We’ve got lots of holiday card templates, all you have to do is add your photos. Or use the Insta-Collage Maker for your Facebook photos to create 5×7 holiday themed greeting cards (25 cards in a set).

Visit to see how quick and easy it is to create beautiful photo cards to share with your family and friends.

Make great looking Thanksgiving Flyers – Customize one of our Templates!

The malls are decorated for the holidays and holidays ads are going full forces. Sneak peeks at Black Friday sales are ready to go. Take a pause and remember we still have Thanksgiving Day ahead of us. From the Turkey Burn to the Thanksgiving Day Food Drive, has templates and backgrounds to help you make your Thanksgiving Day themed flyers in a snap.

Use our Poster Maker to customize one of our templates or start one from scratch!


 thanksgiving flyerthanksgiving flyer

Fun Collage Maker project ideas for your Fall Photos

poster collage sampleWhat will you do with all those fantastic photos that you took at the pumpkin patch field trip and the Halloween parade? What about that great shot you took of your favorite soccer player scoring that last minute goal. Then there’s your daughter and her friends dressed to the nines for their Homecoming Dance. Yes the fall season provides wonderful memories in your family’s life.

This is the perfect time to use PosterMyWall’s Collage Maker. You can take all those photos which you’ve already uploaded to your Facebook account and make an Insta-Collage in minutes. It’ll save you time from having to layout each photo. Just select the photos and the Collage Maker does it for you.  But if you really want be creative our Poster Maker is loaded with all sorts of tools and features to make your poster exactly the way you want it. Take the tour now to see how easy it is to create your poster collage! It will make a great family memento or perfect gift!

First step to an amazing Halloween Party – Halloween Posters!

Halloween is right around the corner and plenty of things need to be done if you want to arrange an awesome party on Halloween night at your club, bar, or other place of business. Leaving party arrangements aside, it’s important to spend some time on marketing to get people’s attention. Obviously, your’s won’t be the only Halloween party in town, so be prepared for competition! Nothing gets the job done better than a really stylish poster or flyer for you event.

PosterMyWall can help you even better this year because you have an even wider range of Halloween themed poster backgrounds and templates to choose from. Check out some templates below, or browse the entire gallery of Halloween Templates.

 halloween poster templatehalloween poster templatehalloween poster template
halloween poster templatehalloween poster templatehalloween poster template

Here are some tips for making a Halloween poster that will win over people.

Tips for making a great Halloween Poster
  • Highlight the fun features of your party, like a DJ, tarot card reader or pumpkin carving. Add pictures to further illustrate the events you’re featuring. Taking pictures from the Web is always a good idea.
  • PosterMyWall recently introduced Fancy Text along with some new fonts. Fancy Text allows you to decorate your text and make it more colorful and vivid. My recommendation for a good Halloween title would be to use the font Hardkaze with Ink Bleed effect. There are a ton of effects, color options, and fonts to try!
  • Apply other fun effects like faded edges, glows and shadows. Make sure the colors match the background, for example green borders won’t go well with an orange background.
Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your Halloween poster right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about the use of the many tools to make your desired poster a reality.
  • Use these easy tools to customize your choice of background or template.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.

New! Use Facebook Photos in the Collage Maker

You’ve asked for it and we listened! Now you can use photos from yours and your friends’ Facebook albums for your collage posters. Previously, Facebook photos were limited only to our InstaCollage posters but knowing that so many of our customer have photos on Facebook, it was key that we have a feature that allows access to Facebook photos for any poster.

We also offer faster upload of multiple photos at a time so creating your poster will be even easier. Give it a try. Make sure you log in to via Facebook in order to access your photos. Here’s a promo code, TRYFBPHOTOS, for 50% off your next download, valid until 9/16.  Happy Poster making!

Introducing Fancy Text – Take Your Flyer Designs to the Next Level

Here at PosterMyWall we’re always working on tools that allow our users to fully express their creativity. Users surprise us on a regular basis by using editing tools in the Poster Maker in new and creative ways. Over the years we’ve seen some stunning typography work on custom posters and flyers. Today we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the set of typography features in the Poster Maker. We’re calling it Fancy Text.

fancy text effectsWe’ve added 50+ new fonts, along with 23 new amazing looking text effects. The image above shows just a few of the great looking effects you can now use in your flyers and posters. Each effect is customizable, allowing you to pick a font of your choosing and specify colors.

So go ahead and create your poster and let us know what you think of these text effects. You can leave a comment on our Facebook Page or Tweet @postermywall.

Support your Team by Customizing our Sports Poster Templates

The school year has started and sports teams are speeding up their preparations for the intense and competitive season. Everyone wants their favorite team to emerge triumphant in the fight. Show endless support for your team by making a great poster using a variety of templates for baseball, football and basketball. Make posters to reflect your love for the team. Use colorful pictures of the team of their previous matches. Write motivational phrases in your poster to give your team a morale boost. Typographical posters will also work well as motivational posters.

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your sports poster right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about the use of the many tools to make your desired poster a reality.
  • Use these easy tools to customize the chosen background or template.
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Announcing Free Classroom Accounts believes in supporting education so we’ve created a valuable program for teachers/educators – The Classroom Accounts Program. Here are few highlights of a classroom account:

  • Create projects to organize posters created by students.
  • Students are not required to create an account.
  • Students see only posters created within the classroom. No public sharing.
  • Students’ projects are never made public.
  • No ads.
  • Completely free to teachers.

Remember it’s free and easy. Upgrade your account if you already have an account with us. Don’t worry if you’re a new user, you will automatically be signed-up during the upgrade process.

Upgrade to Classroom Account

A Wedding Photo Collage – The Perfect Gift for the Newly Weds!

There’s a smile on every face, “Trumpet Tune” rings in the air and happiness reigns supreme on this day. That’s right, it’s a wedding, a memorable day in any man or woman’s life. Print those great moments as a wedding photo collage and make it one whose memories remain fresh throughout the couple’s life.

It’s crucial to get good shots for the wedding ceremony. If you haven’t booked a professional photographer, you’ll find some links to wedding photography articles for beginners below.

Wedding Photo Collage

Wedding Photography Tips

The crux of it all is to come prepared for wedding photography. Bring extra memory and batteries for your camera. Most importantly, have fun while taking pictures. A wedding is a time of happiness and it would do you well to enjoy the event.

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your wedding photo collage right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about our collage maker and other tools.
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