Make your event a success with flyers!

Flyers have always been an efficient and affordable way to attract audiences. Be it a Christmas dinner, fundraising concert or even a disco party at your local club.

Take a look at the new Event flyer templates sections, the templates there are sure to help you out in deciding the right look for your flyer. We also recommend you take a look at some backgrounds suitable for event flyers.

If you are new to PosterMyWall, don’t fret, you can take a tour and learn about our flyer maker and its features.



Free Downloads available!

Once you have completed and saved your flyer, you can save the image (for free!) and print the flyer in bulk on your own. For $2.99, you can get a higher quality image that gives sharp and vivid prints! We also make it really easy to share your flyer via email or Facebook.

A Valentine Gift to Show Your Love Each and Every Day!

You know that Willie Nelson song… “You Are Always On My Mind”? A custom photo calendar is a great Valentine gift idea to make that song ring true. Your Special Someone can’t help but think of you every day when they see that beautiful wall calendar with a collage of photos capturing those special times together.

valentines day gift idea

You can create a calendar with the Facebook InstaCollage wizard or turn a poster into a calendar. Check out our site for inspiration and get started!

Valentines Day Gift Idea – A Romantic Poster

Rose Blooms for 25 Years! Well, it’s not really a scientific breakthrough but I do have a red rose whose bloom will last forever. 25 years ago I met a great guy in college. We couldn’t have been more opposite (he was an EECS major and I was a Rhetoric major).

On our first Valentine together my romantic engineering boyfriend gave me single red rose BUT this rose was different.  It was a poster of a red rose because as he put it… ”Real roses die. This one will last forever.”  It’s true…my single red rose lives. Now I can share this special Valentine poster with the same rose my college sweetheart gave me 25 years ago and who I’ve been happily married to for 22 years.

romantic gift idea

Print Flyers for your SuperBowl Party!

Last weekend’s playoff games couldn’t have been more thrilling! Another round to see which teams will make it to the XVI SuperBowl?San Francisco 49-ers, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants? Even though the outcome is uncertain, you can be sure there will be Super Bowl Parties and events on your calendar. Guarantee a successful SuperBowl Party! Get the word out with great looking flyers you can make at

superbowl party flyer
Sample SuperBowl Party Flyer

Keep your New Year Resolutions by putting them on a Poster!

Happy 2012! We are just a few days into the New Year and I feel optimistic and energetic about the days ahead of me. That’s the beauty about the beginning of anything new. Starting over with a clean slate. Unfortunately when you turn on any of your media they are already focusing on the negative, asking if you have you already failed keeping your New Year resolutions….giving you statisics on the failure rates. Nevermind that!! Let’s strengthen our resolve because success is all about attitude and envisioning victory.

First step is to put your resolutions in writing otherwise they’ll just turn into New Year’s wishes. Create visuals to help remind you of your goals. Create a movating poster or wall calendar to remind you every day of the year! Good luck!


new year resolution poster
wall calendar

Great new Christmas Clip Art for your Flyers and Posters

We’ve added a bunch of new Christmas/Holidays themed clip art of the poster maker. Clip art are a great way of adding a bit of zing to your artwork, especially if you’re making a flyer for a holiday party or event. They’re also great for decorating Christmas gifts, such as a collage of family photos.

christmas and holiday clipart

How to Add Clip Art

Adding clip art to your poster is extremely easy. On the top left of the Poster Maker you’ll see a link titled ‘Add clipart’. When you click this link a window will open up showing the different clipart images available from our library. There’s also an option to search through the library for any specific image that you may be looking for. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see all the various images available.

Get started with making your Christmas poster now!

Holiday Flyers – templates and free downloads

The holidays are the perfect time to connect with others. Whether it is gathering with family and friends for a Cookies Swap or Food /Toy Drive to benefit those in the local neighborhood or the community at large, we can help get your word out. There are a variety of poster backgrounds, templates and tools to help create your holiday flyer that can be printed and distributed the old fashioned way or electronically via email or social media.

holiday flyer idea
Click to customize with your photos and text


holiday flyer sample
Click to customize with your photos and text


Get started now. Browse our templates of holiday event flyers for inspiration. We offer free photo quality downloads and poster quality downloads for a low price.

Great Holiday Gift Idea – Family Heritage Photo Collage

The holidays are all about connecting with family. These special times of the year are where we make new memories and share old ones. A beautiful gift idea for the holidays is a family heritage photo collage. This idea was inspired by a PosterMyWall customer who created a genealogy of the family name eight generations back. Old photos of his ancestors tracing as far back as 1794 down to the photo of his 8 year old grandson are displayed in this beautiful family heritage photo collage.

family heritage photo collage

So if you want to go for a more thoughtful present to give this year, skip the sweater or slippers. Give a gift of history that your family will treasure forever.

Getting Started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your photo collage right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall to learn more about our collage maker and review the list of print sizes we have to offer.
  • Browse backgrounds for your poster collage. We have a ton of elegant family themed backgrounds.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page. You could win a free print of your collage!

Let’s talk Turkey! Tips for taking Holiday Photos this Thanksgiving for your Holiday Cards

The Thanksgiving menu is already set and hopefully you are crossing things off your “To Do” list. Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is the perfect time when the family gathers to take those holiday pictures and turn them into holiday photo cards. If you can’t decide on that one picture, then make a collage of favorite photos into a holiday card. There is an assortment of festive holiday cards templates to choose from. All you need to do to get started is to select photos that have been uploaded onto Facebook.’s card maker will help you do the rest.

holiday card ideas


Here are a few tips to help with your holiday pictures.

1. Gather the troops

The first step is gathering everyone together. Go for somewhere with a background that won’t be distracting. Watch out for backgrounds that are too colorful, as they can end up distracting from your subjects and clashing with their coloring.

2. Should subjects coordinate outfits?

Wearing clothes of a similar color and style (for example, different shades of blue) will look much more relaxed. On the other hand, if your group happens to love dressing up, it might be fun to do a session in costumes!

3. Relaxed people make great pictures

Gone are the days of stiff, posed studio portraits. Today, most people prefer a group photo that shows them as they really are: smiling and happy, without looking forced. Strive to capture the group in ways that appear spontaneous and candid.

4. Assume the position

If possible, shoot from eye level or slightly above your subjects. This will emphasize their eyes and reduce the pesky double chins and undereye circles you sometimes get if your subjects are looking down.

However, there are some general guidelines to help you get the best pictures possible.

  • Make sure your subjects are touching each other. This might require some convincing, especially for kids at various stages but it will really bring home the fact that this is a group of people who care deeply for each other. It doesn’t have to be more than a hand on a shoulder here, an arm around a waist there, or someone leaning against someone else, but try to get some physical contact going.
  • Arrange your subjects by height, with the tallest in the center. You can also put taller people behind shorter ones, but be sure that their heads and faces aren’t being blocked; give them something to stand on, if necessary.
  • Get older family members to hold younger ones, if appropriate. Try having an older sibling give a younger one a piggyback ride or sitting a child up on a parent’s shoulders.
  • Huddle up! Have everyone lean in toward each other. Not only does this let you get a closer photo, but it also helps give the impression of closeness. You can even try a literal huddle, like a football team on the field. Position yourself on the ground in front of and underneath them, shooting up, for an unusual photo.
  • Especially if you’re working with a very large group, try organizing them in smaller clusters, then arranging the clusters together. Group smaller family units together at a family reunion, for example, rather than having everyone stand in a big, messy bunch.
  • Get some action shots. Have the family play a game or run a short race, and snap candid shots of the action. It’s sometimes a bit tricky to catch everyone looking good, but if you luck out, these can be some of the most memorable portraits.

Tips taken from


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