NFL mania is in full swing! With so many teams battling it out each week, it feels like most Sundays, we can be found glued to our TV screens. If you own a bar, what better way to inspire fans to come out to your bar on game day than drink specials and food deals?

Let PosterMyWall help you create flyers for your bar. After deciding what kind of promotion is best for your business, select from one of our templates below, or visit our complete gallery of bar flyer templates.  Be sure to check out our tips for marketing your business.

Click a poster template below to start customizing it immediately.

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PosterYour(classroom)Wall with PosterMyWall

It’s never too late to start prepping the classroom for the upcoming school year. PosterMyWall offers a variety of products to keep your classroom looking like a fun and interesting place to learn! We offer framed prints, posters up to 3 feet tall, flyers to use as handouts, and much more! Click here for a complete list of all our product and prices.

If it’s your first time to our site, feel free to browse through our gallery of classroom poster templates. Don’t forget – you can design your poster now, purchase a digital download and print it later at home (or at a local print shop).

Get started now by clicking a template below to customize it.
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La Tomatina – Tomato Fight… Flyers!

Mom may have told you not to play with your food, but it’s time to get your tomatoes ready!!!

For those of you who don’t know, La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday of August. This tradition started in the town of Bunol in 1945, but it has since been celebrated all over the world – the US, Costa Rica, and China are just a few other countries who pay homage to this popular tomato fight. And now, PosterMyWall, can help you with the perfect design for your own La Tomatina event.

To get started, check out our gallery of La Tomatina flyer templates. We offer hundreds of designs, or you can always design your own flyer from scratch. Our user-friendly tools will help you create a fun food fight flyer in minutes!

Click a template below to customize it right away!

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Colorful Posters to brighten your Eid party up!

Eid is just around the corner, with preparations and the anticipation that comes with it, at its peak! It’s still not too late, and you can make the best out of Eid and much more with PosterMyWall! We offer Eid themed poster templates, which makes it a walk in the park if you want to design your own Eid party poster!

For whatever kind of Eid party you plan on hosting, PosterMyWall offers poster prints and downloads at great prices, so you can advertise without any constraints. Remember, you can also download and print using your own printers if necessary.

New to PosterMyWall? Take a tour and acquaint yourself with the wide array of features that can bring your Eid Poster to life!

Flyers for Your Tanning Salon Specials

Beach lovers worship the summer sun, but they’ll love your summer tanning specials even more. Promote that bronzed glow without the endless hours of baking underneath the summer sun. Start by choosing a background or template, or upload your own images, and with our user-friendly tools, you can customize your chosen background or template in minutes.

Get started now by choosing a poster template below and customizing it with your content.

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Make this Eid a booming success for your business!

Eid is a highly anticipated festival for Muslims, celebrated among friends, family and even the stranger praying beside you in the mosque. This is a great time to promote discounts and deals. Make PosterMyWall the source of your success by creating colorful posters to advertise your business!

So where should you start? We recommend taking a look at these specially designed Eid themed poster templates. Alternatively you can click below at any of the image below to start designing your Eid poster right away.

Eid poster templateEid poster templateEid poster template
Eid poster templateEid poster templateEid poster template


Fitness Posters for Summer Specials

Summer is just around the corner! Later sunsets means weekend  BBQs and vacations. But it also means people will be working on their beach bodies and shopping for the best sales on fitness apparel.

With PosterMyWall’s awesome deals on bulk flyers and posters, you can spread the word about your swimsuit deals, discounts on gym memberships, and deals on fitness packages. We also offer double-sided flyers and posters!

Click a poster template below or browse through our fitness posters gallery. Look good, feel good, and inspire others to feel the same way. Create your fitness poster today!
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Red, White & Blue – Flyers for your Summer Specials, Too!

Stars, stripes and fun fun fun!!! What are you doing for 4th of July? Well, whatever it is, PosterMyWall is the one-stop shop for posters and flyers.

Celebrating with summer sales? Hosting a big block party? Kicking off the weekend with happy hour? We offer bulk flyers and posters that you can pass out to friends and family. They come in packs of 25, 100 or 1000 high quality color prints, perfect for a party of any size! We also offer double-sided prints!!!

If you prefer to print at home or share your event info via social media, we also offer downloads starting at just $7.99.

Click a template below to start customizing, or browse our entire gallery of 4th of July poster templates.

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Fun Prints for Father’s Day!

Not sure what to gift dad for Father’s Day? Here are a few ideas:

– Make your fave picture with dad into a poster. Take it one step further and frame or mount your print.
– Can’t choose which picture is your favorite? Turn it into a collage with our InstaCollage feature.
– If you prefer to print at home, or you love supporting your local printer, we also offer poster quality downloads starting at just $7.99!!!

If you’re hosting a Father’s Day event, like a luncheon, you may be interested double-sided flyers. You can upload images on one side, and on the other, you can list the location information, rsvp dates/emails, etc. We offer two different sizes, and they come in packs of 25, 100, or 1000 high quality postcard like paper!

Select from our Father’s Day templates gallery, pick and choose from our backgrounds or templates, or create your poster from scratch. Upload your own images, browse through our gallery of stock images, add fancy text – the possibilities to customize a fun and easy-to-make gift are endless!

Go to PosterMyWall and start your poster today!!!