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Hoop It Up!

3 seconds to go. He dribbles. 2 seconds. He looks for the open pass, but everyone’s heavily guarded. 1 second. So, he shoots… and HE SCORES!!! Game over – with just one point for the win!!! The crowd goes wild, and everyone’s either giving each other a high-five, or shaking their heads in disbelief at that last second play.

And where are you? Silently, but happily, congratulating yourself on hosting a successful All-Star game happy hour (or March Madness BBQ? Or maybe just enjoying the NBA playoffs and championship game with your best buds at home?). Your favorite player just received MVP of the game, and thanks to the cool flyers you made on PosterMyWall, you were able to share the win with some really fun folks.

With tons of basketball templates and backgrounds, not to thousands of stock images, PosterMyWall can help you customize professional-looking flyers for your upcoming basketball-filled events.

Tips and Tricks
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NFL mania is in full swing! With so many teams battling it out each week, it feels like most Sundays, we can be found glued to our TV screens. If you own a bar, what better way to inspire fans to come out to your bar on game day than drink specials and food deals?

Let PosterMyWall help you create flyers for your bar. With the playoffs coming up, and the NBA season just gearing up, there’s no excuse to not use promotional marketing materials like bar flyers! Plus, PosterMyWall is budget-friendly and user-friendly!

After deciding what kind of promotion is best for your business, select from one of our templates below, or visit our complete gallery of bar flyer templates. You can find our top tips for marketing your business here.

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Designing Eye-Catching Real Estate Flyers

You just secured a new real estate listing. Looking for flyer and poster ideas to help take your new listing to “SOLD”?

Easily create an eye-catching custom real estate flyer by employing these 5 tips:

  • Include both exterior and interior property pictures. Our real estate flyer templates allow you to quickly add multiple images and show off each property’s best features.
  • Create a bullet list of 4-6 top features. Include those on the flyer to promote the property’s unique characteristics.
  • Use a template design that reflects the ambiance of the property. If the home is modern, select a flyer template that is polished and sparse. If the home is vintage, use a template that feels more traditional.
  • Make sure to print enough flyers for open houses and private showings. We offer bulk printing of flyers and posters to keep it cost-effective.
  • Always include ways for people to contact you for more information on your poster! QR codes have become especially popular.

With these suggestions, you’ll be welcoming home a new buyer in no time!

Writing Analysis Essay

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New Year, New You – and Them too!!!

It never fails – every year, people vow to be eat better and live healthier. And you, my dear gym owner/trainer/guru, will host events and promote specials to encourage these people to be “all that they can be.” And once they sign up with you, or attend a class or two, you’ll be the same person to cheer them on to run that extra mile, and get in their faces when they’re ready to give up.

But how will you get these people to come to you? Easy! Allow PosterMyWall to lend you the motivation you can pass along to your clients. We have a huge gallery of stock fitness images you can hang on the walls, and a wide selection of inspirational templates you can use on the those event flyers you’ll be distributing to newbies and veterans alike (click here for tips on how to customize your event flyer).

 Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template
 Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template


Get ready… to help everyone else get ready… to *PUMP* it up!!!

Before you begin…

  • Take a tour to learn about the tools and options PosterMyWall offers.
  • Browse through our design blogs to get some fresh ideas.
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Love is in the Air!

Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized gift, especially when it’s made by you. So this Valentine’s Day, give your loved ones a customized poster from PosterMyWall. Browse through our Valentine’s Day gallery, and you’ll be sure to find something for your special someone. With the help of our user friendly tools, you’ll have a beautiful gift made in minutes.

Get started by customizing a photo collage template below, or browse the entire category of Valentine’s Day templates.

 Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template
 Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template Valentines photo collage template


It’s easy to buy chocolates and flowers. But this year, add a little extra something to the sweets for your sweetie.

Here’s a some love tips from us to you…

Before you get started, take a little tour.
Let PosterMyWall make things easy, for you and your(s).
To save a little money,
And get something extra for your honey,
Use our download feature,
So you’ll have more to add to the present for him or for her.
We offer prints in a variety of sizes.
Try a 4″x6″ card,
With an image and some text to melt their hearts.
Or a 24″x36″ poster,
And make that collage for mom, dad, brother or sister.
There is no limit,
To what you can create,
Just use your imagination,
And you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day!

Tis the season to be Shopping

The holidays are here, so let’s start shopping!!! Skip the mall, ditch the long retail lines, and let PosterMyWall help you with gifts your friends and family will cherish for years.

This year’s New Year’s party. Valentine’s Day dinner. Prom. Graduation. Summer vacation. The first day of school. These are just a few moments you may have captured… but left, untouched, on your camera.

PosterMyWall invites you to unlock your creative side, with the assistance of our design tools, to create posters, cards, collages and framed prints with no muss or fuss. In just a few minutes, you can upload your photos onto a holiday themed photo collage template, customized with text, and printed in the comforts of your own home.

To get started, take a tour to learn about the tools and options PosterMyWall offers. Feel free to read through our design blogs to get some fresh ideas. And like us on our Facebook page, so you’ll receive news of our of the latest deals, contests and promotions.

Writing Academic Essay

Prize yourself Learn while you earn Branch out into new areas in the event you want to cultivate your organization. Undertake new projects and you’ll expand your skills. Create a marketing & business plan. Need to know how exactly to do it but-don’t think you are ready to charge money for a special service yet ? A terrific strategy to locate mentors, learn about your industry, etc is presented by the world wide web. Buy some business cards.

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Top Typography Tips for Your Custom Made Poster

Let’s talk type, and the important role fonts can play when creating a custom poster.

What are sans serif and serif fonts?

  • Sans means “without”. A sans serif font doesn’t use small lines at the end of characters (sometimes called “feet”). Popular sans serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, and Geneva.
  • A serif font has “feet”/character lines. The most common serif typeface is Times Roman.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for using fonts when designing and printing custom flyers and posters.

  • Typically, sans-serif fonts are used for headlines because they are generally very easy to read.
  • Serif fonts for body copy—especially large blocks of text—are the way to go for a more traditional look and feel.
  • You can mix sans-serif and serif fonts, but be selective. Our poster and flyer templates can help with the right balance. In general, two to three different fonts are the maximum you want to use on a single design.
  • If your flyer or poster will be extremely large in size, the serif font details may end up being a bit distracting. Keep lines clean by using a sans serif font.
  • Generally, the same word at the same type size in a sans serif font is slightly larger and easier to read than a serif font.

When designing your next custom poster, try a couple of different fonts to see how a simple change affects your overall design!

Poster templates, backgrounds, and design tips!

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