Top Typography Tips for Your Custom Made Poster

Let’s talk type, and the important role fonts can play when creating a custom poster.

What are sans serif and serif fonts?

  • Sans means “without”. A sans serif font doesn’t use small lines at the end of characters (sometimes called “feet”). Popular sans serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, and Geneva.
  • A serif font has “feet”/character lines. The most common serif typeface is Times Roman.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for using fonts when designing and printing custom flyers and posters.

  • Typically, sans-serif fonts are used for headlines because they are generally very easy to read.
  • Serif fonts for body copy—especially large blocks of text—are the way to go for a more traditional look and feel.
  • You can mix sans-serif and serif fonts, but be selective. Our poster and flyer templates can help with the right balance. In general, two to three different fonts are the maximum you want to use on a single design.
  • If your flyer or poster will be extremely large in size, the serif font details may end up being a bit distracting. Keep lines clean by using a sans serif font.
  • Generally, the same word at the same type size in a sans serif font is slightly larger and easier to read than a serif font.

When designing your next custom poster, try a couple of different fonts to see how a simple change affects your overall design!

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Selecting a Custom Flyer Template

You’ve already decided a custom flyer is a smart way to promote your business.

Now, how do you decide which template to use?

First, we make it easy to get started with our template library. We’ve already done the work of organizing templates into categories. Searching for ideas to promote your bar or restaurant? Then browse from Karaoke, Concert/Band, Party or Bar flyer templates.

Next, think about how you’ll use the flyer. Will it be displayed or posted somewhere in particular? If so, make sure your flyer’s orientation fits the space allotted. Do you need a horizontal or vertical template?

Don’t forget to consider the final size. We offer 4”x6” cards all the way up to 24”x36” posters. Flyers with minimal copy can work great at smaller sizes, whereas larger formats can typically support a bit more text. If you aren’t sure, 7.33”x11” is a solid choice to use.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday… or Both?

Which do you prefer – opening up for the eager late-night-early-morning eager shoppers in search of the best bargain, OR counting down to midnight as you entice your customers on their favorite websites with your hard-to-turn-down deals on the latest and greatest electronic gadgets? Whichever shopping “holiday” you prefer, make sure your customers know YOU have the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

And just HOW are you going to do this? The answer is quite simple – you are going to let PosterMyWall help you customize flyers for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday extravaganza.

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Gobble, gobble, gobble!!!

Turkey time is, indeed, here!!!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate this month of thanks: the “usual” get-together filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and loads of other delicious treats… donating to food banks… NFL games (and maybe tailgating too!)… lining up early for Black Friday sales… staying up late for Cyber Monday deals… so what are YOU doing???

Let PosterMyWall help you spread the word about your favorite Thanksgiving event or meal. In just a few minutes, you can have a Thanksgiving-themed customized flyer to share with your friends and family.

Hang it up on your store window. Want something that will catch your customers’ eyes from across the street? Perfect, because your high resolution images will look amazing on a 24×36″ print!

Send out invitations for your formal brunch, lunch or dinner. Not sure how many or what size flyer to order? We offer bulk flyer rates for high quality prints as small as 4×6″ – just the right size to drop into the mail!

Or kill two (turkey) birds with one stone and purchase a digital download. You can post your event on your favorite social media site, or for a low price, you can purchase a poster quality download to post on your site and take to the local print shop to print your high quality image and share with others!

To get started, click on one of these templates below to instantly customize with your flyer. Or view the complete gallery of Thanksgiving poster templates.

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Man’s Best Friend

George Eliot wrote, “Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

So do you have an agreeable friend that:

  • loves to run with you?
  • purrs softly in your lap?
  • tweets you awake in the morning?
  • slides along its belly?
  • swims all day, everyday?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you know that pets aren’t just pets – they are FAMILY. So get your camera ready, because PosterMyWall can’t wait to help you customize your print-worthy images! And with the holidays just around the corner, you can create posters and cards that your two-legged family and friends will surely love.

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Find the Beat in Your Feet…

… at the BEST dance studio in town!

Whether you’re offering free introductory classes, a referral program, or just advertising on social media, there are many budget-friendly ways to ensure the success of promoting your dance studio – and PosterMyWall is both budget-friendly AND user-friendly!

We offer a large gallery of backgrounds and templates and thousands of stock images which you can customize to your satisfaction.  Select from one of the templates below, or visit our complete gallery of dance poster templates.

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5 Smart Tips for Marketing Your Business

Most businesses today need promotional marketing materials—whether special event flyers, sale or special offer posters, or other communications.

When creating marketing flyers for your business, think about these 5 smart tips to keep them professional-looking and attractive:

1. Keep the look clean

While an 8 1/2” x 11” flyer might seem like there is plenty of room to include lots of information, you don’t want to overload the reader. Our posters feature clean layouts to appeal to readers—and to get your message read, even from a distance.

2. Use headlines

Think about a single sentence or phrase that will get people’s attention, like “Annual 25% Off Sale!” View our gallery for headline inspiration!

3. Leave off the details.

The purpose of your poster is to capture your audience or customer’s interest. If you include a web site URL, social media site, or phone number for additional information, those who want more information will be able to access it.

4. Keep your materials consistent

If several different promotional posters are mounted next to each other, do they look like they all came from the same company? The answer should be yes.

5. Use appealing photos or visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have thousands of stock images and poster backgrounds on file to make selecting appealing visuals easy.

Take a tour to find everything you need to get started marketing your business.

Sports Calendars

Fall sports are in full effect, and winter sports are just around the corner. Before you know it, spring sports will be here! So let PosterMyWall help you create sports calendars that will ensure your fans will never miss their favorite team’s games, tournaments, and events.

With our large gallery of customizable templates, the addition of thousands of stock images, and user-friendly design features, PosterMyWall has everything you need to get started!

If this is your first time to the site, feel free to take a tour of the site before you get started on your project.

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