Red, White & Blue – Flyers for your Summer Specials, Too!

Stars, stripes and fun fun fun!!! What are you doing for 4th of July? Well, whatever it is, PosterMyWall is the one-stop shop for posters and flyers.

Celebrating with summer sales? Hosting a big block party? Kicking off the weekend with happy hour? We offer bulk flyers and posters that you can pass out to friends and family. They come in packs of 25, 100 or 1000 high quality color prints, perfect for a party of any size! We also offer double-sided prints!!!

If you prefer to print at home or share your event info via social media, we also offer downloads starting at just $7.99.

Click a template below to start customizing, or browse our entire gallery of 4th of July poster templates.

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Fun Prints for Father’s Day!

Not sure what to gift dad for Father’s Day? Here are a few ideas:

– Make your fave picture with dad into a poster. Take it one step further and frame or mount your print.
– Can’t choose which picture is your favorite? Turn it into a collage with our InstaCollage feature.
– If you prefer to print at home, or you love supporting your local printer, we also offer poster quality downloads starting at just $7.99!!!

If you’re hosting a Father’s Day event, like a luncheon, you may be interested double-sided flyers. You can upload images on one side, and on the other, you can list the location information, rsvp dates/emails, etc. We offer two different sizes, and they come in packs of 25, 100, or 1000 high quality postcard like paper!

Select from our Father’s Day templates gallery, pick and choose from our backgrounds or templates, or create your poster from scratch. Upload your own images, browse through our gallery of stock images, add fancy text – the possibilities to customize a fun and easy-to-make gift are endless!

Go to PosterMyWall and start your poster today!!!

Collage of Memories for your Grad

Graduation… a milestone that’s both thrilling and terrifying. The “next step”, whether it’s more school, a year of traveling abroad, or starting an early career, is exciting, but it also means saying good-bye to parts of your past. But perhaps, instead of saying good-bye completely, you can bring the memories with you.

Both in high school and collage, as a graduation gift from a few different friends, I received multiple collages. My fave collage is from a college friend, who’s now one of my daughter’s godfathers. It features my friends and I at so many events from freshman year all the way through senior year (school functions, birthdays, vacations). Though college was many moons ago, every time I look at that collage, I am transported back in time to carefree days. It’s always a nice stroll down memory lane.

PosterMyWall offers an InstaCollage feature, using your Facebook photos. Or you can upload your own photos, and arrange your pictures however you’d like (by age, event, milestone, etc.). In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a collage to bring with you whenever you need a reminder of home. OR you can gift it to that special someone, who’ll love and cherish the collage of memories – especially when the homesickness hits, or the occasional pick-me-up is necessary :)

Get started by customizing a template below, or browse the complete gallery for graduation collage and poster templates.

graduation collage templategraduation collage templategraduation collage template
graduation collage templategraduation collage templategraduation collage template

Year-End Custom Baseball Posters

Baseball season may be over, but the memories remain.  It’s not too late to create a gift! Here are a few ideas:

Baseball Collage
A collage is a great way to remember the team’s season, from beginning to end. You can use InstaCollage, which allows you to use Facebook photos, or you can add your own photos, and in minutes, you’ll have a personalized collage to gift to everyone on the team.

Team Poster
As a token of appreciation for all of the coaches’ work, you can present them with a print of the team picture – customized with a personal message from the team.

Fond Farewell for Seniors
For the seniors on the team, what better to say farewell but with a customized poster from the rest of the team? You can present the seniors with a collage, or you can use a few of each seniors’ best moments, along with the team picture, and a message from the team. Make it a gift they’ll surely treasure for years.

Get started by clicking on a template below, or browse the complete collection of baseball poster templates.

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Make Mother’s Day Special with a Collage of Memories

Mom… rocked you to sleep, fed you when you were hungry, wiped away your tears, celebrated all your victories (no matter how big or small), and most importantly, made you feel like the most loved person EVER. So this Mother’s Day, share your special memories of mom by gifting her a collage. PosterMyWall has just the tools you’ll need to give mom a gift that will surely melt her heart.

Click on the templates below, or browse through our entire Mother’s Day gallery for some inspiration.

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Memorialize Memorial Day with a Poster or Flyer

BBQs. Sales. Memories. Is there a better way to spend a long weekend? Maybe, but good food and retail therapy are always crowd-pleasers!

Hosting a block party? Extending Happy Hour? PosterMyWall offers great prices on bulk posters and flyers. Share these with your neighbors, or display them in your windows and bulletin boards.

Specials? Promotions? Sales? Everyone loves a good deal, especially on a holiday weekend. Create your flyers today, so your customers know to come to you for the best prices during this holiday weekend! Get started by customizing a template below or browsing the complete gallery of Memorial Day poster templates.

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Artist Corner: Bryan Tyler

Bryan TylerWe’d like to introduce you to, Bryan Tyler, another outstanding PosterMyWall artist. He has contributed numerous popular designs to the PosterMyWall community, and in recognition of his work, he will receive $100 added to the commissions he has earned selling to the community. We truly appreciate Bryan for sharing his talent with us. We truly appreciate and thank you for being a great artist and contributor. Keep up the great work!


About Bryan Tyler
My name is Bryan Tyler, dad to 3 beautiful children and husband to an incredible wife. I am an accountant/auditor by day and a lead singer and guitar player by night. I currently play in a rock/funk/top 40/Jazz band called Broken Axle and have played in multiple bands including The Eli Young Band, and I do a lot of song writing. I also design posters for this website and most of the posters you see under the Broken Axle profile are posters that we use for our shows or are posters that people have asked me to design. I also design posters for bars, restaurants or other businesses that are in need of assistance and I use this website as a platform to do so. utilizes powerful graphics tools that are incredibly easy to use and I have had a lot of fun designing posters on this site. I usually stick with a vintage theme as these have been very successful with our band as well as for other businesses and events although I would be happy to take on any requests. If you have a special request, please email me at and I would be happy to design something for you. Please like us on Facebook at

Happy designing and thank you to  for this great community of designers and creating such a great platform to create posters! Cheers!

Too School for Cool – The Best Election Posters and Flyers!

Before school ends and summer begins, there are still school elections. Each class, each student body, needs a voice to be their voice. So let PosterMyWall be your voice and help with your campaign!

With our user-friendly tools, you can create catchy slogans with cool fonts and hang posters in the school hallways. Your campaign team can pass out customized campaign flyers to your classmates between breaks. You can even download your flyer for free and use it on your social media sites!

Try one of our templates below, or browse through our entire gallery.

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Cinco de Mayo Event Flyers

Hosting a Cinco de Mayo event? Make sure to tell your friends and family with a customized flyer from PosterMyWall. With features like fancy text, and double-sided printing, you can create a fun and festive flyer that’ll surely get everyone’s attention!

Choose from a template below, or browse through our Cinco De Mayo templates gallery to find the perfect  flyer for you. Then add your own text and images, and in minutes, you’ll have a flyer ready for purchase. If you can’t wait and want to share immediately, you can always purchase a download!

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Gift your Grad a Customized Poster

Not sure what to gift your grad? Let PosterMyWall help you create a memorable gift your special someone will surely cherish for years to come.

graduation poster templategraduation poster templategraduation poster template
graduation poster templategraduation poster templategraduation poster template


With our easy-to-use tools, you can create a beautiful collage, full of his childhood memories. Or upload your favorite special-moment-captured-on-film onto a poster, embellish with fancy text, and watch your her hang it with fondness in her dorm room. And with our newest double-sided feature, you can create flyers for your child’s graduation party. It’s never too early to start planning that post-graduation lunch!

To get started, you can click through our graduation templates. If you feel like printing at home, or with a local print shop, you can always order a digital download.

Getting Started

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