Introducing Fancy Text – Take Your Flyer Designs to the Next Level

Here at PosterMyWall we’re always working on tools that allow our users to fully express their creativity. Users surprise us on a regular basis by using editing tools in the Poster Maker in new and creative ways. Over the years we’ve seen some stunning typography work on custom posters and flyers. Today we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the set of typography features in the Poster Maker. We’re calling it Fancy Text.

fancy text effectsWe’ve added 50+ new fonts, along with 23 new amazing looking text effects. The image above shows just a few of the great looking effects you can now use in your flyers and posters. Each effect is customizable, allowing you to pick a font of your choosing and specify colors.

So go ahead and create your poster and let us know what you think of these text effects. You can leave a comment on our Facebook Page or Tweet @postermywall.

Support your Team by Customizing our Sports Poster Templates

The school year has started and sports teams are speeding up their preparations for the intense and competitive season. Everyone wants their favorite team to emerge triumphant in the fight. Show endless support for your team by making a great poster using a variety of templates for baseball, football and basketball. Make posters to reflect your love for the team. Use colorful pictures of the team of their previous matches. Write motivational phrases in your poster to give your team a morale boost. Typographical posters will also work well as motivational posters.

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your sports poster right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about the use of the many tools to make your desired poster a reality.
  • Use these easy tools to customize the chosen background or template.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.

Announcing Free Classroom Accounts believes in supporting education so we’ve created a valuable program for teachers/educators – The Classroom Accounts Program. Here are few highlights of a classroom account:

  • Create projects to organize posters created by students.
  • Students are not required to create an account.
  • Students see only posters created within the classroom. No public sharing.
  • Students’ projects are never made public.
  • No ads.
  • Completely free to teachers.

Remember it’s free and easy. Upgrade your account if you already have an account with us. Don’t worry if you’re a new user, you will automatically be signed-up during the upgrade process.

Upgrade to Classroom Account

A Wedding Photo Collage – The Perfect Gift for the Newly Weds!

There’s a smile on every face, “Trumpet Tune” rings in the air and happiness reigns supreme on this day. That’s right, it’s a wedding, a memorable day in any man or woman’s life. Print those great moments as a wedding photo collage and make it one whose memories remain fresh throughout the couple’s life.

It’s crucial to get good shots for the wedding ceremony. If you haven’t booked a professional photographer, you’ll find some links to wedding photography articles for beginners below.

Wedding Photo Collage

Wedding Photography Tips

The crux of it all is to come prepared for wedding photography. Bring extra memory and batteries for your camera. Most importantly, have fun while taking pictures. A wedding is a time of happiness and it would do you well to enjoy the event.

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your wedding photo collage right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about our collage maker and other tools.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.

Photo collage your Fun times with Friends!

Summer break is here, and students are having a great time with friends. Make a photo collage of the fun times you had and present it to them on this summer break. It really makes for a novel and exciting gift.

PosterMyWall is integrated with your Facebook account, and is simple to use. All you need to do is select albums from your or friends’ Facebook profiles for the collage and select the photos of your choice. The collage maker will use the best photos for the collage.

Friends photo collage

Tips for making a Stunning Collage
  • Use around 60~80 photos.
  • Experiment with various effects like frames and color themes. A frame is a must have for a good collage.
  • In the collage maker, add a caption in the center of the collage. The caption should be something like, “The best years of my life on a canvas”. Even better, write down a famous quote from the Internet that goes with the importance of friendship like, ”Friendship is the only thing in the world concerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed.’’

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your photo collage right away!

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your photo collage right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall and learn about our collage maker and other tools.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page.

Make Stunning Promotional Flyers with PosterMyWall!

Starting any small business isn’t an easy job. Lots of time, money, and perseverance is needed in getting a venture off the ground. The hardest part however begins later on; attracting customers. For that, you need enticing deals and loud marketing. Communicating amazing offers that are hard to refuse is an art.

Fortunately we’re here to help you craft stunning flyers for your small business. Whether you’re advertising the opening of a new outlet or a clearance sale, we’ve got templates that you can easily customize with your photos and text. We’ve also got a ton of clip art that you can use in your promotional flyers for free.

Have a look at some of our promotional flyer templates below. Be sure to check out the complete gallery of small business flyer templates on PosterMyWall.

Promotional flyer template Promotional flyer template  Promotional flyer template
Promotional flyer template Promotional flyer template Promotional flyer template

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Memorial Day 2012

BBQs, sales, sports tournaments…there is no shortage of events this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. But do take a moment to reflect on what this holiday is truly about. It is a time to remember the courage and sacrifice of the brave men and women who served and protected our country. Regardless of whether we supported the mission, we support those who sacrificed their lives so we could live free. Check local listings of events in your community honoring the lives of our fallen soldiers. Wishing you and your family well on this important holiday weekend. Here are a few poster collages by our customers for you to enjoy and share. Continue reading

Commemorate the Graduation in your Family with a Poster Collage

Another school year is quickly coming to an end but this one is different. I’ve spent the last 15 years knowing that when another school begins in the fall, that I would be there take a quick snap shot of my son’s first day of the school year and send him off with a smile. In just a few weeks, my son will be graduating from high school and he’ll be hundreds of miles from home when he starts his first day of college in the fall.
Like many milestones in life…it’s bittersweet. I’m saying good bye to the little boy and seeing the wonderful man he has become. The joy and pride I feel for my son is immense. With his God-given gifts I know the world is his oyster. My husband joked and said that the poster collage I made was like therapy for me and I think that is partly true. I loved going through the photos and recalling the stories behind them.
The collage was very easy to put together using the Facebook InstaCollage feature. Don’t worry about your photos on Facebook, you can keep your settings private and remove the photos when you’ve completed your posters.

Create your InstaCollage. It’s easy, just click hereto begin.

graduation poster

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads

facebook instacollageOkay Dads you are on! Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and it’s Mom’s day to shine. If you are a new dad or have diapered a few children over the years, Mother’s Day is an important day. It’s that ONE day out of the year where mothers can enjoy a guilt free day off from….cooking, cleaning, preparing meals, laundry etc. and can enjoy a guilt free day of sleeping in, uninterrupted telephone conversations, quiet reading time or time with BFFs.

In addition to the gift of time, another great gift for moms are beautiful photos of their precious angels. So dads, PosterMyWall’s collage maker can make this the easier part of Mother’s Day for you. We have great templates you can use to create your wonderful Mother’s Day gifts. The templates can be customized with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you are on Facebook and have your family photos on Facebook, it’s even easier. You can make a photo collage of 30 to 80 photos in minutes with InstaCollage. You”ll certainly bring joy to her heart and a smile on her face when Mom opens this gift!

mother's day collage

Getting started

Here are some things you should do to get started with your gift right away!

Templates for Your Easter/Spring Flyers and Collages

The cold and wet weather give way to the blossoms on my fruit trees. The aisles at my local market are brimming with daffodils. I can’t help but roll up my sleeves for some spring cleaning. This season brings on a perspective of springing to life and time of renewal which is in perfect harmony with the spirit and purpose of the Easter Season. It is a beautiful time of year to gather with family and friends, create a collage of the kids wearing their Easter bests, take photos with the Easter bunny and of course celebrate the much anticipated Easter Egg Hunt.

We can help you get started with your Easter creations. We have beautiful spring backgrounds to make the perfect collage to give to grandparents. We have great Easter Egg Hunt flyers or Easter Party flyers ready for you to customize.

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