Football Poster Ideas and Backgrounds

Today we’re going to do a roundup of some Football poster design ideas that will help you create a great looking custom poster, whether its for your college football team or for an athlete in the family. We’ll also be showcasing some awesome customizable poster backgrounds that were specifically designed for Football posters.

Football Poster Backgrounds

Check out some of these professionally designed backgrounds that are great for a Football poster. You can see sample posters made on some of these backgrounds below. Click on a background thumbnail to customize it instantly in the Poster Maker.

football poster background
football poster background
football poster background
sports poster background
abstract poster background
football poster background
football poster background
football poster background
sports poster background

You can browse through the entire range of sports themed poster backgrounds here. Did we mention that all poster backgrounds are free to customize? :)

Poster Design Ideas

Instead of explaining the different ways in which you can layout content on your custom poster, we’ve created some sample Football posters using PosterMyWall’s Poster Maker. Hopefully they will inspire you to have a go at making your own poster.

Tip: Check out the links in the ‘Getting Started’ section at the end of the post to see how you can learn more about designing and ordering prints of your poster.

football poster idea

This is a great background to use for single subject football posters. Using the Erase Background tool in the Poster Maker, you can remove the background from behind the subject and put them in the center of this poster. This layout works great if you’ve got action shots from a recent football match lying around.

football sports poster idea

You can also try adding other photos of the player or team around the main photo. Use the Fading Edges effect in the Poster Maker to have photos blend in with the background. It looks great on a printed poster!

football sports poster idea

Also be sure to try a Football specific poster background, they’ll give your poster a unique look. Be sure to give your text an outline and maybe a dropshadow as well to increase readability. Also try rotating the text and placing it vertically along the edge of a poster; that’s a good place to put a school/team name or a slogan.

If you have a team album somewhere on Facebook, you can also try the InstaCollage Maker. It’ll automatically make a collage out of all your Football photos.

Lastly, also have a look at some of these articles on eHow which might help you brainstorm an idea for a Football poster:

Get started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your own Football poster right away:

  • Like one of the backgrounds or samples you see above? Just click it to customize it in the Poster Maker.
  • Don’t see a background you like? Tell us what you’d like to see on our Facebook Fanpage. Remember, you can always upload your own poster background in the Poster Maker.
  • Go to, and have a look at some of the features and poster print sizes that we have to offer. Or better yet, take the tour!
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