Sports Poster Idea – The Sports Illustrated Look

Have a budding athlete in the family? A unique looking customized poster of their action shots would make a great gift! Wouldn’t it be cool to make a poster that shows your athlete featured on the cover of a sports magazine? Check out some of these poster ideas that look like a magazine cover.

soccer poster idea for a magazine cover
football poster idea for magazine cover
basketball poster idea for magazine cover

Tips for making a similar poster

Some tips that you’ll find helpful when designing a sports magazine style custom poster:

  • Try the ‘Erase Background’ option for your photos. Have a big photo in the middle of the magazine cover with its background erased. Give it a glow to hide any jaggy edges.
  • For prominent text, try the ‘broken text’ effect. That gives it a rugged, sporty look.
  • Apart from a large photo in the center, try making a collage of smaller photos on either side of the center photo. You can play around with the ‘Fading Edge’ effect for photos to make them blend into the background. Alternatively, you can give the photos a glow, or a border to make them stand out.
  • Look for layout ideas for magazine covers by searching for ‘sports illustrated (and the name of a sport)’ on Google Images.
  • For the complete variety of magazine cover style poster backgrounds, check out the Art Gallery page.

Get started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your own custom sports poster right away:

  • Like one of the poster ideas you see above? Just click to customize it in the Poster Maker.
  • Don’t see a background you like? Tell us what you’d like to see on our Facebook Fanpage. Remember, you can always upload your own poster background in the Poster Maker.
  • Go to, and have a look at some of the features and poster print sizes that we have to offer. Or better yet, take the tour!
  • Check out the PosterMyWall Facebook Fanpage for the latest news and promotions!

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