Action Shot Tips for Sports Posters

A key to sports posters is great action shots.  Great action shots take some effort, and some equipment.  First, a good zoom lens is a requirement.  You need a tightly zoomed shot to have enough detail in your photos so they look good printed at large sizes.  We recommend standing on the sideline and zooming in an individual athlete.  Then, snap lots of shots.  You never know when that classic moment is about to happen. Lighting is another key.  You want the sun at your back so faces will be well lit.  Indoor sports photography is especially challenging due to low light in most school gymnasiums.  For this, you’ll need to turn your camera’s ISO setting up high AND use a flash. Otherwise your photos will be either blurry or grainy.  You’ll want to be court side so you’re not out of range of your flash.

Follow these instructions and you’ll be able to capture the photos that will let you create Sports Collages and Sports Posters that will be displayed with pride.

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