What you should know about Collage Maker software

Collage Maker software has been around for ages. Adobe Photoshop has long been the predominant photo manipulation tool for professionals. It provides unlimited creative freedom and control, but at the cost of a steep learning curve (and a steeper asking price). In recent years, several web based alternatives have become available. The leading example of this is Picnik.com. Tools of this type run within a web browser, and charge for a monthly subscription (a basic version of Picnik is available for free). These tools allow you great creative freedom, but have one major short coming. They provide output of resolutions of about 16 megapixels. While this is fine for small prints, if you want to create large prints (2 to 3 feet tall), you need tools capable of greater resolution.

Alternative web based Collage Maker solutions have been released by companies like Zazzle and SnapFish. These companies have produced tools that allow you to create large collages, but do not provide creative freedom. They are designed to layout photos on a simple background, but do not provide the creative freedom needed to create interesting designs. They do not provide visual effects, masking, borders on photos, transparency, etc.

PosterMyWall has created a collage maker aimed at combining the benefits of these tools:

  • Web based and free
  • High resolution support for crisp images at large poster sizes
  • Creative freedom to create memorable and artistic designs

We hope together with the great content here on Poster Studio, and the awesome easy-to-use tools on PosterMyWall, you’ll be able to create a great looking collage or custom poster from your photos.

Check out some of these collages & posters created by users on PosterMyWall.

poster layout idea
poster design idea
family poster idea
poster layout idea
poster layout idea
poster layout idea

You can check out all public posters shared by PosterMyWall users in the Public Gallery.

P.S. If you have a lot of photos on Facebook, check out the Insta Collage Maker, that allows you to create a collage in just a few clicks!

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