Awesome Effect for your Custom Poster – Photo Scraps

family scrapbook photos poster idea

If you’ve been using the Poster Maker for a while, you’ve probably noticed the ‘Erase Background’ option for photos. Apart from completely removing the background in photos, you can use the Magic or Simple erasers to give your photos cool looking edges, so that they look like they were taken from a scrapbook. We call them Photo Scraps!

The great thing about this technique is that each border will look unique! Check out the sample poster and tips for perfecting this technique below.

family scrapbook poster idea


  • Try both the Magic eraser and Simple eraser to rub out the edges. Both these erasers will give different results based on the colors in your photo.
  • If you make a mistake while removing edges, don’t forget about the Undo eraser.
  • Give your photo a glow to make the edges stand out. Play around with the color of the glow for maximum contrast between the photo and the poster background
  • Have fun!

Get Started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your own custom poster right away:

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