How to Make a Spectacular Flyer!

A flyer is useful because of the countless situations it can be used in. You can invite people to listen to your new band, to the opening of your new cafe or even a gathering of school friends at your place.

Summer camp flyer

Here’s a guide to help you in making your own flyer at PosterMyWall:

Getting started

Go to PosterMyWall. From there you can choose to Take a tour by clicking on the orange button. Get yourself acquainted with the various tools used in the flyer maker. You can start right away by clicking on the Create your poster now! button.

Time to choose the background for your flyer from a range of flyer backgrounds suitable for most occasions. You can also upload your own photos for the background. If you plan to keep it simple, you will find the Solid background andColor fade backgrounds to be of good use!

Convey your message

Think of a good title on your flyer. This is crucial because the first impression anyone is going to get about your event is through the title of your flyer. You can Add text from the top left corner of the flyer maker. Changes can be made to the font, size and color of the text to suit your needs. Mention the important details (Venue, time etc.) below the title in smaller text.

Make your flyer come to life!

Add clipart or your own photos by going to the Add photo and Add clipart button beside the Add text button. Clipart can add life to your flyer especially if it’s a party flyer.

Test out some tools such as borders on photos or drop shadow on the photos and text, they are sure to look great on your flyer. Save the image and you are done!

Download the image for free!

Download the image for free by simply clicking on the Download button. Remember to share it with your friends via email, Twitter or Facebook so they can also make use of the flyer maker!

Download your flyer for FREE!

Make your event a success with flyers!