25 Vintage Posters to Inspire Your Next Project

25 Vintage Posters to Inspire Your Next Project

Before the dawn of graphic design software, and even computers, marketing had much less artistic drive to it. That is, until the introduction of Lithography, when for the first time, artists and marketing came together to create what we know today as posters and flyers. These were created with oil based inks, and the results were so unlike today’s graphic designs. 

The different methods employed to create these marketing essentials have continuously evolved, creating masterpieces along the road. 

Today we will look at some of the the designs created in PosterMyWall, inspired by vintage art. 

Click on any of the designs to customize them in the Poster Maker. 

Vintage Event Posters

These days, vintage posters are a rare but welcomed sight. It’s normally best if your event reflects the vintage theme. A costume party with such a theme would work great.  

Vintage Concert and Karaoke Posters

Vintage art and retro vibes are perfect for your next next concert poster - it speaks to all ages, thus  attracting all kinds of crowds. Vintage art will improve most poster types and indie, concert and karaoke posters are no different. There are no dedicated fonts for your vintage posters, but some fonts are better than others in that respect. Some of these are: 

  • Shermlock
  • Hamburger Heaven
  • Cloud World
  • Alex Brush

These fonts are available in the Poster Maker. This doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to just these 4. By all means, try out and experiment with all kinds of fonts to get the best results. Try out Fancy Text too. 

Vintage Bar and Restaurant Flyers

Coffee shops, bars, and parties, we have them covered!

Vintage Posters for Advertising Special Occasions

You can also make Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, and other seasonal event deals, and advertise with Vintage posters. It adds a unique touch to your marketing campaign! 

Vintage Posters for Sales

Use these vintage templates to advertise your next big sale. 

Vintage Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters, and motivational posters were big back in the day. They still look just as good now!  

Did you like these designs? To see more, check out our Vintage posters category, for even more creative, retro and vintage artwork. 

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Add Photos From Google Drive To PosterMyWall

Add Photos From Google Drive To PosterMyWall

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