Power Tips to Boost Your Business This Halloween

Power Tips to Boost Your Business This Halloween

Mark your calendars now, because Halloween is coming up, and it requires all your attention. As a small business, Halloween is a sweet time for you to get your sales up. But like all great things, there’s always a catch. In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the clever ways businesses use to market their products during the Halloween season. 

Prepare Halloween Decorations

This is imperative for any business with a physical presence. Retailers and restaurants should start preparing their pumpkins, ghosts and other spooktacular decorations, so you’re ready for the big day. And decorations are easy! Just a little bit of creativity is needed to achieve great results

Couple up decorations with a marketing campaign that uses similar visuals. Your decorations should set the tone for the kind of audience you deal with. Are they children, adults, men or women? Set a constant in your theme and use it to represent your brand this Halloween. For marketing, customize a template from our Halloween flyer category

Once you’ve customized a template, get a free download, and start marketing online.

Cross-test Marketing Offers Online

If you start early enough, you can cross-test different images and captions to check what works best for your campaign. Running display ads online is expensive, and you would like to invest in an ad that performs well. 

The most common and effective testing mechanism is cross-testing different ads. Experiment with multiple factors that can influence your ad, such as: 

  • Color scheme. Primary colors, especially red perform well as they stand out.

  • Try out different images, it does not matter what looks good. The image that connects with your audience scores more.

  • Try variants in ad text. A solid offer will garner more attention than mere fluff text.

  • If your ad leads to a landing page (which it should) make sure the landing page content is coherent to your ad text. If you’re unfamiliar with landing pages, read this blog post.

  • Test different audiences. Check the responses of different age groups and interest groups that seem relevant to your business, and find the audience that responds favorably. The results might just astound you.

For creating visuals, use the “Duplicate Design” button to create multiple variants of your ad. 


Sales & Special Bundles

Creating vivid visuals is simply an end to means. Obviously your goal is to offer something irresistible, so your audience makes a purchase or recommends you to other potential consumers. To ensure that, you need to set up tempting offers, as well as a variety of options are readily available. For retail, offer a discount on gift cards, products or distribute a box of treats.

You can do some great things with just a candy bag. It creates an incentive for parents to shop at your store, and you can hide your business card - or even better, a discount coupon in the bag to increase returning customers. 

Offer re-usable candy bags after a large purchase. Children will love it and it’s free advertisement of your brand whenever it’s in use. 

Special Drinks & Menus

As a restaurant, customize your menu and  menu design to match your Halloween theme. Offer Halloween themed drinks such as a Dark Masquerade, Sugar Snake and Black Cauldron. If the audience likes the new recipes, you can also add it as a part of the regular menu!   
We recently upgraded our Menu maker tool to make menu designing a more automated process, which allows for greater design options. Combined with our Halloween themed menu templates, designing a new menu is easy. 

Extend your Sales

As Halloween draws close, your audience will get increasingly busy with their preparations, and chances are, they’ll miss out on a chance to stop by your shop even though they originally intended to. 

Extending your special offers by a day or two can provide a decent portion of your audience to avail its benefits, and the extra patronage will be worthwhile for your business. Call it a post-holiday sale, and it’s something many will appreciate after a round of Halloween spooks. 

It’s time to get started with your Halloween campaign! You can browse around the blog to read more about what PosterMyWall offers, or you can check out our gallery page, where you’ll find templates for every occasion. For feedback, please check out our Facebook page

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