Exciting new Clip Art for Party Flyers and More!

party flyer clipart sample

There’s a new and exciting feature especially for party flyers in the Poster Maker! The tool now lets you add clipart to your flyers and posters. This feature is especially exciting for flyers that target schools and parties because it adds in a quick element of fun. Don’t forget, once you make your poster the Poster Maker lets you download a free image of the flyer for printing and distribution!

How to Add Clip Art

Adding clip art to your poster is extremely easy. On the top left of the Poster Maker you’ll see a link titled ‘Add clipart’. When you click this link a window will open up showing the different clipart images available from our library. There’s also an option to search through the library for any specific image that you may be looking for. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see all the various images available.

Ideas for Clip Art and Party Flyers

You may be thinking that clipart will make a flyer or poster look childish. However, if used correctly and with some creativity clipart images can actually make both the poster and flyer look very modern and trendy. Try these ideas to incorporate clipart into your next party or school flyer:

  • Instead of placing the callout balloon next to a photo, use it next to your school mascot or some other cartoon character to mention information like time, venue, and date of the next event. This will give it an artistic look and feel rather than looking like the work of a child or amateur.
  • Use the ‘I Love..’ clipart images and add text to say ‘I Love a Good Time’ or ‘I Love Football’. This technique will allow you to customize your poster and flyer in a super fun way.
  • Combine different clipart images to create your own unique message. Try using the football or basketball images in a callout balloon instead of using words.
  • You can resize clipart and make them the center of your poster. This way, you can save time by not having to search for the right photo and instead focus on printing your flyers and posters.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Clipart gives you the freedom of adding many pictures and making your poster and flyer speak for themselves. Try making one for your next party!

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