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Recently we added a Download button in the Poster Maker that allows you to download a small version of your poster to your computer. That poster size is great for printing a small scale version of your poster to use as a flyer for parties and other events. A poster/flyer combo is great to use for party invitations, as an informational tool, or to promote your band, club, sports team and other school groups. You can download a flyer-size image of your custom poster by clicking on the download button on the top right of the Poster Maker and saving the image to your computer. You can print this image to make as many flyers as you need (a regular home printer would be good enough for printing flyers). Below are some tips on how to make a great poster/flyer combo and where the best places to use them are.

Getting the Most from Posters and Flyers

Since the content of your poster and flyer will be the same, you need to make sure that you get the most out of all the hard work that you put in. It’s important to understand the basic difference between the two: posters are large and usually put on walls while flyers are smaller in size and can be handed out. If you’re having a party and want to hand out flyers make sure you include the time, date, and venue on the design. If it’s an informational poster/flyer then the text added needs to be just right for both large and small printing. The same applies when selecting photos for promotional posters of school groups. You need to make sure that everything you put on your poster will look good on a flyer as well.

Where to Use a Poster/Flyer Combo

To gain the greatest visibility, distribute your flyers in a different area from where your poster is displayed. If you’re doing this for a party you could always display the poster at the entrance of the party and hand out the flyers in and around your school. If this is for informational purposes, try displaying your poster on school and community bulletin boards and distributing the flyers at your local market place or school events. Posters for school groups can be placed in the gym and locker rooms while flyers are handed out at school events. The key is to make sure that your poster and flyers are seen by as many people as possible.

Flyer Backgrounds

Our professionally designed backgrounds provide a great starting point for any poster and flyer combination. Check out the backgrounds specifically designed for flyers here. They’ve been designed to be used as posters and flyers and are great for adding text and photos. These are just a few from the awesome collection we have!

brick and banner poster background
metal poster background
blue burst poster background
green grass poster background
white fence with grass poster background
red brick wall poster background

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