Wedding Photo Collages - the Perfect Gift!

Celebrate your wedding by turning your wedding photos into a collage. It's a great way to surprise your partner! Our InstaCollage Maker makes it super easy to create your collage from Facebook photos. If you've uploaded your wedding photos on Facebook, simply select them in the collage maker and it will layout the photos for you!

Wedding photo collage idea
Tips for making a great wedding photo collage
  • When selecting photos, more close-ups then full body photos
  • If you're going to be ordering a large print of your collage, such as a 20" x 30" or 24" x 36", be sure to select more than 50 photos. If you'll be ordering a smaller print size, like 8" x 12", then we recommend using less photos so that each photo appears larger in the collage.
  • Remember to play around with the border and color options in the collage maker. Consider using a thin border, as that makes photos in your collage standout.
Getting Started

Here are some things you can do to get started with your wedding photo collages right away!

  • Take a tour of PosterMyWall to learn more about our Insta-Collage maker and review the list of print sizes we have to offer.
  • Stay on top of the latest deals, contests, and promotions by visiting our Facebook page. You could win a free print of your collage!

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