A Primer on Promoting Your Band on Social Media

A Primer on Promoting Your Band on Social Media

Being part of a band is not an easy job. When you’re new, and trying to break into the scene, all you want to do is practice and perfect your sound. But once your sound is solid, you’ve created a set list, and your fan base expands, what’s the next step? 
You promote your band and let the world know you’re here to stay! With the Internet at your finger tips, it’s easier than ever to connect with fans, lure in new fans with teaser videos and music clips, and most importantly, create a presence. Keep reading to find out how social media, and good “old fashioned” marketing, will gain you exposure and maybe even land a record label!

Make a band website

Start by creating an official band website. You can post the latest news about your gigs, where you’re touring, information about new releases and more. You can use sites like WordPress, Squarespace and Bandzoogle. We highly recommend Bandzoogle, as it is specifically for bands. Try to keep your content current, so make sure you remove information regarding old shows or sold out merchandise. 

Spread word on social media

Now create accounts on all major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest - the more the better. In your band description, share links of your main website, and other social platforms you’re on. This way your fans know where to look for your content, apart from their favorite social network. An extra step would be to add a link to your band website on your personal profile, so instead of adding “working as a guitarist in so and so band”, just post the link to your band in ‘Works at’ section on Facebook.

Share exclusive news, pictures and videos

Now that you have a website and presence on social media, focus on the content. This includes  tour dates, sneak peeks of new music, and possibly a music video. And SHARE THOSE PHOTOS! Use the power of clever Instagram hashtags. Post photos of your tour, some backstage shenanigans, and of, course, the the crowd selfies.
Keep in mind, there is only one thing people love more then posting pictures of themselves, and that’s their favorite band posting photos of them. So start tagging fans! Other types of posts that fans usually like:

  • News related to the music industry, especially to your genre of music.
  • Collaborations you’re doing with other bands.
  • Sneak Peek of your latest album, or an upcoming gig.

Note: Do not post the same content repeatedly. It is important to share news about your band, but vary the content from platform to platform.

“Hire” someone to maintain web content

With the endless practice sessions and touring, it’s easy to let your website and social media accounts fall to the bottom of the priority list. You want someone thinking about your online presence 24/7. Consider hiring an intern - a friend, a sibling, someone trustworthy - to create and maintain your online presence. Make sure to check in with your intern periodically, to ensure what he/she is promoting is consistent with your band’s vision.

Create posters and flyers

Good old fashioned marketing still works. It’s great when your fans can get the latest band updates with a couple of clicks on their electronic devices, but you still need eye-catching flyers and posters. Your friends and family can hand out the flyers. Local merchants can hang your posters on their windows and bulletin boards.

Check out our band and concert themed templates. You’ll find templates of all kinds of music genres, and they’re easy to customize. Just click on them to start editing! Get started right away by customizing a poster template below. Once done, you can share on social media, order high quality prints, or download and print on your own.


Interact with fans

The goal of your social network pages should not just be to get a large following. It’s to get a following that actively participates and appreciates the content you post. It’s easy to get a like on Facebook, but are your fans actually seeing and interacting with your posts? It’s important to get as many likes and comments on the content you post. Why? Because every time someone gives you a like or comment, that person’s friends have a chance of seeing your post as well, and then they’re more likely to comment or like. It’s sort of a chain reaction. This is how posts go viral! 

So how do you make people comment or like your content? Post interesting content, e.g. after a successful show make a collage of photos and ask a question like, “what was your favorite part of the show?”. You’re bound to get some responses.
Patience is key. Responses will slowly trickle in, but eventually you will get there.

Connect with other bands

There is little fame or money in riding solo. Reach out to other bands, be it a new one, or a popular one with a huge following. Here’s what you can do:

  • Follow local bands, but don’t just stop there.
  • Comment on their posts, but be moderate about it. There’s  no need to comment on every post they make - that will make you come off as obnoxious. And keep the comments relevant. Don’t go trollin on the ‘Net.
  • Make friends in the industry by talking to people directly. Having contacts can give you an edge that your competitors may lack.
  • Plan shows with other bands. This way the costs can be split and you’ll get a bigger audience.

Be consistent

This is the most important point. The road to stardom is long, and the trick is to consistently produce new content and improve yourself with time. Because no matter how much you tour, if you’re not going to produce new content, even your most loyal fans will leave you eventually. Social media is your most important tool in gaining a fanbase, so use it wisely!

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