How to Run a Black Friday Sale the Right Way

How to Run a Black Friday Sale the Right Way

Black Friday is coming up soon, and you don’t want to miss out on all the fantastic sales. Competition is intense, and you need to pull out all the stops to get those extra customers at your store. The task at hand requires a bit of online and offline marketing, but with PosterMyWall’s design tools, you can effectively score at both fronts. Here are 8 important things you should do to make customers keep you as first preference. 

Email Campaigning

Despite what others might say, email marketing is alive and well. 66% of customers purchased a product through an email advertisement, and 55% of companies received 10% of their ROI from email campaigns. The key to a good email campaign is:

  • A good Subject line.
  • Brief and to the point opening paragraph. 
  • A compelling image and it’s placement in the email. 

Keep the Black Friday theme obvious, so the reader knows what you’re talking about from a mile away. 

Advertise on your Social Media

Give your audience special perks for liking and commenting on your content on social media. For example, a user gets a further 30% discount apart from your original 15% discount on a single product, if they like your page. Use social media graphics to make these compelling offers. Images get a lot more attention then simple blocks of text. 
Social Media Graphics are easy to design using PosterMyWall. We have loads of Black Friday Sale Templates for you to customize. It’s free of cost and easy

Advertise through Flyers

As I write this, I'm also having a choco shake from a nearby fast food joint that opened up recently. They distributed their menus to nearby work places (including ours) and hence I found out what they offer, leading to them getting satisfied customers, and me getting an awesome choco shake. Point being, flyers are a valuable way to market your offer. If your products and sale look appealing enough, customers will flock to you!

Offer Discounts on Gift Cards

It’s no mystery, but many people prefer getting gift cards for their loved ones, as it gives more flexibility for the person who’s on the receiving end of the gift. The average person spends $172 every year on gift cards, and the number is increasing each year. If you don’t offer gift cards, you definitely should. 

Use Loyalty Groups

It’s human psychology to get a sense of belonging if they’re in an exclusive group. The more exclusive, they get a better feeling of it. That’s the reason an open group on Facebook will generally see less activity as compared to a closed group. 

Create a customer loyalty group for “frequent buyer” customers., Send them exclusive emails, containing special offers, exclusive content and much more (Before proceeding, remember to ask them if they're interested in the exclusive content). Wouldn’t it be great if your special customers had access to Black Friday items 2 days before your big sale? They would love it, and it’s very likely they would tell others about it. Positive word of mouth is the extra push you need to get your business running in the right direction. 

Extend your Sales

If you’re running a Black Friday Sale, and sales are up, why stop after the weekend? Extend the sale a day or two, and more customers are likely to show up, grateful for the chance to do more shopping.

Spend on Charity

Spending money for a good cause is on most people’s list, but not everyone does. Make the customer’s job easy by donating 10% of the amount of sales to a local orphanage or hospital. If it’s for a good cause, most customers won’t hesitate to switch brands. For a small sacrifice, it’s a win for everyone, and helping a good cause creates a great impression for your brand. 

Organize a Special Event

Make Black Friday even more special by hosting a special event at the store - offer refreshments, balloons and toys for kids, and possibly something fun like a scavenger hunt. Depending on the kinds of products you deal in there are tons of things you can do.


Black Friday is a golden opportunity for any brand to bring out the best sales and perks they can offer. Black Friday is about providing the best sales, but it shouldn't stop you from creating an exciting shopping experience for your customers. A successful Black Friday campaign guarantees better patronage for the whole year around. 

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