Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 3

Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 3

At PosterMyWall, we started a series of posts in which we feature the top 10 most popular templates created by the Design Community. This is the 3rd edition.

As usual, it will be an interesting learning experience as you see the variety of designs on this list.  To view last month’s episode, click here

Here are this month’s templates:

Use Lines and Shapes

When designing an event or party flyer, try incorporating shapes and lines, to create a more abstract feeling in your design. If this template doesn’t suit your need, there are more you can easily customize here. Design by CHupinco.


Funky Halloween Posters

Halloween is generally perceived as a night of spooks and terrors, but truth of the matter is, people will dress up in all kinds of different colors, representing whatever character from Waldo to a Sith Lord and Harley Quinn to a witch. A colorful funky Halloween poster not only reflects that, but it’s the perfect match if you’re hosting a party more oriented to a younger audience. Designed by Renee Nicole and J-Austin.


Standardized Nightmares

But you can always play the safer option, and make a more standard Halloween Poster. It sets the tone for the Night of Terrors! Design by Renee Nicole.


Using Color Harmony on a Simple Layout 

Depending on the kinds of events you host, a simple layout into an awesome color palette can create the first impression you’re looking for, especially on more formal occasions. Use the color wheel by Adobe to help decide your color scheme better. 

Design created by QR Code Poster


The Sober, Professional Look 

Creating hiring posters isn’t easy, as you need to create designs appropriate for work. For example, colorful, happening posters might not be suitable for a law firm. This is a great example of a conservative approach to designing a professional poster, with the use of 2 dominant colors, one of them must be either black or white, and one supporting color (black in this case). Designed by Li’l Ratskull Designs. 

You can find more job hiring poster templates here.


Marketing Brochure Page

image 7

Every poster has a purpose, and while most posters are just there to announce and give basic information in a palatable form, many posters go above and beyond that, and provide a greater amount of detail. 

This poster is lovely in that aspect as the information has been organized in a great way while making the poster look good. Designed by the talented QR Code Poster


Image Use to Create Relevance

Images aren’t a necessity for making a great poster, but you want to consider adding images if you want to establish relevance with the event you’re hosting. Like what popcorn is to a movie night. Lovely design by Katina.

Christmas will be upon us in a month! This particular design is our favorite because it’s to the point and the image and font usage gives it a playful touch. Designed by Renee Nicole.


Use Stock Photos as Background 

At PosterMyWall, you can use stock photos by Getty, Pixabay and Flickr for use in your posters. You can use them as individual images or as the background of the poster. High quality background images will make your poster stand out, and it’s a must have if you’re organizing outdoor events. Designed by Katina.

And that concludes this month’s list of top 10 templates. You can also join the design community, and create awesome designs. Give us your feedback on social media! We are on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter



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