Promote Your Brand with Effective Facebook Ads

Promote Your Brand with Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook is currently one of the most used social networks around, and its potential for marketing cannot be ignored. It has more than 1.65 billion users worldwide, and the number is only the number is only increasing! So whoever your target market is, it is most likely to have a presence on Facebook. 

Despite this, getting people to learn about your product - and keeping them interested in it - can still be a challenge. So how do you successfully market to your to your audience and keep them engaged? Enter Facebook Ads!

Ads come with a cost, so it’s crucial you create an ad that’s seen and clicked on by as many people as possible. Keep reading to find out how to make effective Facebook Ads that will appeal to those who click on it. 

Create Optimized Ads for your Audience 

Facebook allows you to choose your audience for whatever ad you produce, such as young men in their 20s, or older women in their 40s. Use this to produce optimized ads, targeting specific groups of people. Granted, you have to produce more ads, but the results you get are better than what you’d get from a single generic ad, targeting everyone. 

Use Attractive Visuals

Facebook Ads images need to be 1200px by 627px. Keep this in mind when designing your Ad. Visuals are important, and people should be able to tell what your advert is about even with a glance. They should be clear, and not overloaded with pictures and text. 

PosterMyWall offers a preset Facebook Ad size, and templates of these dimensions, saving you time which would have been wasted in resizing your image. 

This is especially important in Facebook Ads, as Facebook Advertising Guidelines prohibit Ads with text that cover greater than 20% of the image. Don’t fret, Facebook has a Grid Tool, which tells you how much text is present is in your image. 

Visually appealing ads get more views and clicks. You should test by posting ads with identical texts and different backgrounds to check what kind of visuals work best for your audience. Generally, presence of people in visuals gets more views than inanimate objects. Use Facebook’s relevance score feature to better test out what visuals work best. This will be discussed in greater detail below. 

Use PosterMyWall For Images

Use PosterMyWall to design all kinds of visuals yourself, without the need of a professional graphic designer. We have a wide range of templates for you to explore from, and you can also use these tips to work up wonders in your Facebook promotions.

Offer Something Exclusive

No matter how well written the ad is, or how optimized the imagery is, if the advert doesn’t provide anything of use or value to the customer, they won’t click it. So it’s a great idea to make multiple offers, using multiple ads, which improve your chances of conversions. Sales, promotions, or giving a good reason for customers to buy your product or service is the way to go about it. 

Be Direct and Succinct

Long winded tales will lead you nowhere, as your audience doesn’t have time to read your long essays. Be direct, tell them exactly what you want and create a sense of urgency while you’re at it. Tell them that your super rad offer will end in a day or two, so they better get off their seat and make a purchase. 

About Facebook's Relevance Score

Your ad needs to be relevant to the user. Facebook now ranks your ads based on user feedback. Audience clicking on the ad and going to your website or Facebook Page is deemed positive, whereas ignoring, hiding or reporting the ad is deemed negative. This feature is called Relevance Score, use it to test out what kind of ads work best. Choosing your audience is important here, for example, advertising burgers to 40 year olds might not be the best option, but advertising it to 18-25 year olds would work. Relevance score are mainly there to lower the cost of your ads. The rest depends on how much sales you’re actually getting. (Relevance score is no true indicator to how much sales you’re actually getting.)

Consider Boosting Your Posts

Facebook gives businesses an option to directly advertise the content you already posted on your Facebook Page. Boosting a post allows more people to see it, and it will appear as a sponsored post in the audience’s newsfeed. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to produce a dedicated ad, and whatever you posted on social media will suffice. The disadvantage of this is that you can’t test marketing strategies that might work best with it.

Take Aways

To summarize, some key points to take home when designing your next Facebook Ad campaign:

  • Images should be high quality and appealing to the target market.
  • Use minimum amount of text and your Ad should have a definite call to action for the audience. 
  • Your Facebook Ad should be relevant to your target market, it should be an answer to their problem. 



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Share How PosterMyWall Helped Your Business

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Now You can Upload Your Own Fonts on PosterMyWall!