Introducing PosterMyWall Premium - For Businesses & Marketers

Introducing PosterMyWall Premium - For Businesses & Marketers

Here at PosterMyWall we’re always working on new ways to make it easy for anyone to create stunning graphics. That’s why we’re super excited to launch PosterMyWall Premium. PosterMyWall Premium is a subscription service that offers the best of PosterMyWall in a convenient and affordable package.

Here’s a quick rundown of what PosterMyWall Premium has to offer.

Who Is It For? 

A Premium subscription is the perfect solution for businesses, organizations and marketers using PosterMyWall, if you are:

  • Frequently creating new graphics for social media posts or print promotions.
  • Creating multiple ads and/or variations of the same ad.
  • Creating print and digital material for large organizations, universities, hospitals etc.

Unlimited Downloads Of Your Designs

As a PosterMyWall Premium subscriber you get free, unlimited, high resolution downloads of designs you create from scratch. It is the perfect solution for creating multiple variations of the same ad, such as using different color themes, dates, or imagery in the ad. It also allows you to resize and download high resolution ads in different sizes, depending on your requirement.

Note: If your design contains stock photos by Getty, you will have to pay $2.00 for the stock photo(s). Otherwise, designs created by you are free.  

1 Free Template Every Month

Every month you get a template of your choice from the templates gallery. You can customize it as many times and however you want to, it’s yours to keep for 30 days. The best thing about this offer is that hundreds of new templates are added to the gallery every day so you’re never short of new designs to choose from.

Shared Folders and Photo Collections

PosterMyWall Premium allows you to easily work with colleagues and customers. It is super easy to organize your designs in folders and invite anyone to view and edit them. If you’re part of a larger organization, you’ll find shared Photo Collections very useful, as they’ll easily allow everyone to access image assets right from within PosterMyWall. Learn more about sharing folders and sharing photo collections.

Use Your Own Fonts

You can upload and use your own fonts so that every design accurately depicts your brand’s uniqueness. No limits on the number of custom fonts you can upload and keep. Here’s a walkthrough about uploading fonts on PosterMyWall.

Plus Everything People Love About PosterMyWall

In addition to all this, you get seamless access to everything else on PosterMyWall, like:

  • Ability to resize designs across different aspect ratios
  • Access to thousands of high quality stock images and clipart
  • Freedom to work on any device - PosterMyWall works on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Security of all your data stored safely in the cloud


As of now PosterMyWall Premium is just for $99.95 for an annual subscription, which means you only pay a little over $8 every month. Alternatively, you can also get the quarterly package, which is $29.95 every 3 months.

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