5 Amazing PosterMyWall Features You're Missing Out

5 Amazing PosterMyWall Features You're Missing Out

Whenever you pick and edit a template from our gallery, many of our really cool design features tend be overlooked (because the template is complete on it’s own). But these features can change your poster from nay to yay in an instant, and all you need is a little time. 

Let’s do a little mashup of some of the really awesome features that you might be missing out.


Add a glow effect around images used in your designs. You can vary the intensity and color of the glow. Use the glow effect when you need to add contrast between your image and background. 

Tip: Use the glow tool sparingly, as it doesn’t work with all kinds of images, but greatly improves images in some cases.

Stock Photos

PosterMyWall offers unique access to stock photos from websites such as Getty, Flickr and Pixabay from within the Poster Maker. You can easily set stock photos as a background, or use them as individual images. Stock photos from Flickr and Pixabay are free to use. Getty images are not free, and the cost is added when you purchase your download.  

You can learn more about using Stock Photos at our blog.

Additional resource

Multiply and Tint Effects

The multiply and tint effects allow you to add hues to your images and backgrounds. Multiply has a stronger color than tint, and your image remains unaffected if the multiply color is white. You can also change the opacity of tint, which is set to 50% by default. Experiment with both effects to find out which works better for you. 


Filters are one of our recent additions to the poster maker. It allows you to add 3 background filters to your design. These are Sepia, Black & White and Inverted. More filters coming soon!

Custom Fonts

This is a PosterMyWall Premium feature.

Custom fonts allow you to express your brand exactly the way you like it, by letting you upload your own fonts to the poster maker. There is no limit to the number of fonts you can upload, and we also support other languages. Make sure to upload the fonts in OTF or TTF format. 

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