Seamlessly Add Photos From Dropbox to PosterMyWall

Seamlessly Add Photos From Dropbox to PosterMyWall

Dropbox is the modern equivalent of your personal backpack. It allows you to store, access and share anything that’s precious to you. Files, images, videos, books, everything! You can even add and share stuff to your Dropbox on the go - from your mobile, laptop and tablet. 

So why are we discussing Dropbox? We’re proud to announce PosterMyWall’s integration with Dropbox. What does this mean? You can now add images stored in your Dropbox directly to your design, all in one click. It ends the need of saving photos on your device, when you can save it in your online “cloud” and get hold of it from any device. 

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry! Here is a step by step guide to using our Dropbox Integration:

Create a Dropbox Account

Note: If you already have a Dropbox account, move to the next step. 

The first step is to create your Dropbox account. Click here to get started. It’s a free service and registration is a quick process. 

Open your Design

Once you open up your design in the Poster Maker, click on Photo in the top left corner. Then click on Add from Dropbox

Dropbox will ask you to continue. Click on the big blue button to browse your dropbox collection, and a window will open to your dropbox. 

Select Photos

Select the photos you wish to add, and they will be added to the Poster Maker.

Congratulations, you’ve now uploaded your photos from Dropbox! 

Now you can use PosterMyWall even more easily on the go with Dropbox as your virtual backpack. 

If Dropbox doesn’t suit you, then Google Drive might just be down your lane! 

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