How To Convert Your Flyer Into a Video For Social Media In Minutes!

How To Convert Your Flyer Into a Video For Social Media In Minutes!

Video is an essential element for any social media campaign, as it captures attention like no other medium. With PosterMyWall video, creating video promotions has become easier than ever. If you’re unfamiliar with PosterMyWall video, this step by step guide to customizing video templates will help

Video and flyers are two sides of the same coin, and if you can handle one, you can handle the other easily. Here’s a step by step guide to converting your flyer into a video. We’ve made it super simple! 

Step 1 - Choose and Resize your Design

initial view flyer builder.PNG

Open the flyer you would like to convert into a video. You can even choose a free template from our templates gallery. For videos in social media promotions, we highly recommend the square size across all social media platforms. 

To resize an image, go to the top blue panel and click on the “Resize” button. A drop down will appear, with all the various image sizes. If the image size you’re looking for isn’t there, use the Custom Dimensions tab and fill in the values needed.

Use Facebook Cover Video when designing a cover video for Facebook, as Facebook Cover Photo format will only show a static image when uploaded on Facebook. 

Note: For Facebook Cover Videos to work, the video must be in .MP4 format, and between 21 to 90 seconds long. 

If you are creating video for digital signage, or sharing it elsewhere, we provide some more sizes dedicated to video: 

  • Square (1:1)
  • Digital Display (16:9) 
  • Digital Display (9:16)

Step 2 - Add a Video

To upload a video, click the Video button in the left panel. You’ll be given 2 options. 


If you have a video of your own, use the Add from My Videos button, and then click the Upload Videos button. Your video can then be uploaded from your device (PC, laptop or Android phone or tablet). 

If you don’t have a video of your own, you can use stock videos. With PosterMyWall, you have the ability to find and upload stock videos all from one place. You can find free videos from Pixabay (you will still be charged for downloading the final product). Using premium videos will cost you extra, and the cost will be added when the final design is purchased.

To add stock videos, click the Add Stock Video button. You’ll see a search dialog. Type a term relevant to your need (for example: business meeting, school assembly, restaurant etc). 

Step 3 - Style the Video

Move the video around, and change it’s size to fit whatever size suits. You can even change the length of the video by clicking the video, and pressing the Trim button on the right. 

trim the video.PNG

Inside the trim video interface, you can hold any of the bars displayed along the length of the video frames. Dragging them can alter video duration, and can be used to crop out parts of the video.

Apply any of the following effects to your video: 

  • Edge effects
  • Shadows and Glow
  • Border 
  • Tint and Multiply
  • Remove Color
  • Brightness 

And you’re done! Check out the templates below on YouTube on more inspiration for converting a flyer into a video. It’s a seamless process when done right. 


Converting your flyer into a video is an easy process, and can be done in no time as summarized below:

  • Select a flyer of your choice, and resize it to your specifications. For Facebook Covers, make sure the length of the video is between 21 to 90 seconds long.
  • Upload your own or add a stock video.
  • Once uploaded, move around, reposition and resize the video. Apply various effects such as trimming, filters, color removal and borders. 
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