How to Use Audio Creatively for Church Promotions

How to Use Audio Creatively for Church Promotions

With internet speeds get faster, more users have better access to videos online, and online video is now a great tool for promotion.

Cisco estimates that video viewers on the internet will quadruple from 2017 to 2022. But putting up any video isn’t enough when you’re promoting your Church organization, as prospective members have a lot to choose from.

We recommend creating your own custom video on PosterMyWall, and you can take this a step further by adding your audio, or stock audio.

Where can I use my video promotions?

Social Media

Social Media is the place you want to be to organize your Church’s membership and mailing list. Create high quality video content, and couple it with stock audio or your own sound to promote all kinds of programs.

Digital Signage

Effective use of digital signage can not only modernize your venue, but also save costs on printing and paper in the long run. With digital signage, you can display information, share event details, schedules and more.

Adding audio makes it even better at gaining attention where flyers fail, such as when you’re competing against the mobiles in members’ pockets.

What kind of audio can I use?

Depending on your event, you have a wide range of options, whether it’s your own audio or our stock audio resources.


Church choirs, a slow melody, a hymn or maybe something a little sweet and upbeat can be added to the video, by browsing the stock audio panel in the editor. This is especially useful when you’ve displayed all relevant information in the design, and there’s little more to add.

Some stock audio tracks we recommend:

  • Amazing Grace Acoustic Guitar

  • Battle Hymn of the Republic vocals

  • Bread of Heaven Jazz

Feature a local singer or rapper that’s affiliated with your Church or spreads the word of God, and use his upcoming single as audio. This works well to highlight an event targeted towards younger audiences, such as a youth concert.

If you’re promoting a Bible study or similar workshop, you should stick with instrumental music or a choir, or maybe even…

A Sermon

Sermons work well with most kinds of promotions you’ll be doing, as it helps members learn about the topics that they can expect to hear more about, and it’s also a sublime way to bring your pastor/speaker to light. A well-articulated sermon can move the hardest of hearts.

Essentials about using Audio

Keep in mind that audio can be added to both images and videos. Adding audio to an image will change the file type from image to video, so the audio track can play. A static image with audio files will cost 14.95 USD as it is a video file, in mp4 format.

Still unsure where to start? Read our guide to using audio on PosterMyWall.

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