Flyers for Valentine’s Day Specials

Love is in the air… or it will be, as soon as the customers come flying in to purchase their loved ones’ gifts! So make sure they know all about your Valentine’s Day specials with a flyer from PosterMyWall!

Browse through our gallery of Valentine’s Retail Templates, upload one of our stock images, or add your own images (and text) to customize the perfect flyer in just a few minutes.

valentines retail poster templatevalentines retail poster templatevalentines retail poster template
valentines retail poster templatevalentines retail poster templatevalentines retail poster template

With our new Poster Maker, you can add filters to your images, give the text an ombre effect, and so much more! Visit our site to play with these new features and order your flyers, posters or digital downloads today!

Fat Tuesday Posters

If you’re getting ready to let the good times roll, make sure to spread the word with a customized Mardi Gras poster from PosterMyWall. Select from a template below, browse through our Mardi Gras gallery or create your own poster from scratch!

mardi gras poster templatemardi gras poster templatemardi gras poster template
mardi gras poster templatemardi gras poster templatemardi gras poster template

You can order prints to hand out, or you can purchase a digital download to post onto your favorite social media sites (or your personal website!). And for everyone who frequents the site, both old and new, check out this post for a little more information on our brand new Poster Maker.

Laissez les bon temps roulez!!!

DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Some of the most cherished gifts are the ones we make ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, give your loved ones the gift of memories. With PosterMyWall, you can create the perfect collage they’ll be sure to love for years to come!

You have the option of using your Facebook images, but if you would like to use your own images, that is also an option. We also offer hundreds of backgrounds, stock images and templates for you to customize. And you can always add the finishing touches with plain or fancy text, in an assortment of fonts.

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Masking Photos on PosterMyWall just became a cinch!

Whether you’re creating a cute family poster or designing flyers for your next party, erasing the background of photos (or applying a Mask for the graphic design savvy) always gives your design that extra bit of pizzaz.

You’ve always been able to Mask photos on PosterMyWall. In fact, it is one of our most used Poster Maker effects. So when we recreated the Poster Maker from scratch we paid special attention to making Masking easier and more useful.

Masking photos in the Poster Maker
Click or Tap points around the subject to Mask.

Professional image quality

Gone is the Magic Eraser which although pretty awesome, used to result in empty pixels around the subject. Now you can simply click points around an object and the Poster Maker uses complicated mathematics (and a tiny bit of magic) to make the outline snug around the subject. This results in masked images that look incredibly smooth and professional.

Easy as 1-2-3

When creating points around an object don’t worry if you make a mistake. You can easily drag and move points around to create the perfect outline. You can also undo and redo your actions, even after saving the Mask. And if you’re masking on a phone or tablet, we make points a bit bigger so they’re easier to grab.

Tip: Always zoom in when masking, it makes for a super accurate outline.

Straight lines for blocky objects

By default the masking tool joins points with smooth curves that follow a path around the object. This is great when you’re masking photos of people. But if you’re masking something with more straight edges than curves, like a building or a car, switch to using straight lines by clicking the Joints button. This will give you a more accurate Mask.

Have fun masking your photos! Help us make the Poster Maker better by giving us feedback on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Introducing the New PosterMyWall

We’re having an exciting 2016 here at PosterMyWall: We launched the new Poster Maker on new year’s day and have since been updating it with new editing tools and features. The new Poster Maker is faster, easier to use, runs on tablets, and gives a sneak peek at our beautiful new branding which we will be rolling out to the rest of PosterMyWall soon.

Why a new editor?

PosterMyWall Poster Maker
The new editing experience

We built the new Poster Maker from scratch with a focus on two things; having a stellar user experience and using the latest web tech. Web browsers and devices have come a long way since when we launched our first editor. The new one takes full advantage of today’s powerful web browsers to give you a snappier experience.

We took everything we learned from your feedback and usage patterns in the old editor to completely redesign how you create posters on PosterMyWall. The new Poster Maker is easy to understand for new users and at the same time contains goodies for power users such as keyboard shortcuts and drag drop support.

What’s new?

In addition to supporting all the features you’ve used over the years (Erase Background is on its way, hang tight!), the new Poster Maker has a few new editing tools. We will be adding a LOT more features in the coming months.

Gradients. Gradients everywhere!

You can now fill in poster backgrounds, shapes, and text with either Linear or Radial gradients. This is especially useful when creating stylish layouts with customizable shapes. Gradient on text works great for titles and headings.

Text boxes with colored backgrounds

This was long overdue we agree. You can finally give your text boxes a background color and adjust its opacity.

Image filters and effects

In addition to easily flipping shapes and images, you can apply Color Tint, Color Multiply, Gradient Fade effects on images. You can also adjust the brightness of images to make them look just right.

New Fonts

We’ve added a lot of new cursive fonts. You will be able to upload and use your own fonts soon!

We hope you have fun using the new Poster Maker. Help us make it better by giving us feedback on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Artist Corner: Katina Walls

Katina Walls
Katina Walls

Meet our latest Artist Corner designer, Katina Walls. She joined the PosterMyWall designer family less than a year ago, but her designs are highly popular! Keep reading to learn more about Katina.

Where you can find me…
I’m from a small town in Chester County called Downingtown PA, but I’m currently living in the Montgomery county area.

Typical Day…
 I wake up in the morning, go to work for 8-10 hours, come home and spend a few hours making flyers, eat dinner, shower, and then go to bed. Weekends may vary, and I spend a lot of time with my family. I also enjoy trying new restaurants and trying different fun activities. The beach is my favorite place to be!

I work in logistics for a large clothing design and manufacturing company in Plymouth Meeting, PA. I’ve always been interested in design in all areas, fashion design and interior design – and PosterMyWall gives me the opportunity to create and express myself through fashion and designs on a daily basis.

I find inspiration all throughout the day for posters and then can’t wait to get to my computer and make them come to life. The city, a fancy restaurant, commercials, graffiti, or even a bus with some kind of silly saying on it will spark an idea for a flyer.

My sister Renee, is also a huge inspiration to me. She actually introduced me to PMW, and I never looked back. She sat down with me, showed me her techniques and then I added some of my own flare! It is safe to say she is my favorite designer and not only because she is my sister, but because of her creativity, detail and pride she puts into her work.

Foods – Baked Mac and Cheese | Lasagna | Steak
Movies – Man on Fire |Titanic |Elf
Superhero – Wonder Woman… because she’s awesome! She’s a woman! ☺
Opposite of my favorites – ALL SEAFOOD!

One day…
I hope to travel to Bora Bora, Israel and Rome.

Family over everything…
If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live on an island, far far away with just me and my family!

Flyers for the Big Game!

Playoffs are underway. The predictions are coming in. And you’re getting ready to prep the happy hour specials, bar bites, and game day fun. But first? Customize your flyers at

Browse through our football templates, or upload your own images, for the perfect event background, add your event info (using fancy text, perhaps?), and then pass out your flyers* to everyone you know!

If it’s your first time to the site, WELCOME! Feel free to take a tour of the site and play around with our user-friendly tools in the poster builder. And… Get… Ready… For… Some… FOOTBALL!!!

*We offer bulk prints, including double-sided prints. But if you feel like printing with your friendly local printer, or at home, purchase a digital download.

Create New Year Family Collages with PosterMyWall!

Farewell, 2015… HELLO 2016! PosterMyWall is just what you need to ring in the New Year :)

Did you intend to send out holiday cards, but life happened, and then you ran out of time? Yeah, it happens to all of us! But have no fear, you can always send out New Year’s photos! What better way to start the year than with a nice “Welcome to 2016” collage or better yet, 2016 calendar? It’s always nice to look back upon the year as you create new memories!


Get ready for the New Year with PosterMyWall

Adieu 2015, Hello 2016! So how will you say farewell to the old, and welcome the new? With PosterMyWall, of course!

Hosting a last-minute New Year’s Eve party? There’s still time to customize your party invitation! Select from our template gallery, customize with your images and text, and let PosterMyWall do the rest!

new year flyer templatenew year flyer templatenew year flyer template
new year flyer templatenew year flyer templatenew year flyer template

If you feel like sending electronic invites, you can always purchase a digital download. Then you can upload your jpg or pdf to your fave social media site – or email the invites to fam and friends. You can always print your download at home or with a local print shop, if you decide you want to them out after all 😉


Holiday eCards!

Sending out the annual holiday newsletter via email? Switching it up this year, and posting your ecard on social media? Wishing your VIP customers a digital “Happy Holiday!”? PosterMyWall is here to help!

We offer 3 download options*: free, photo quality and poster quality. Both the photo quality and poster quality downloads can be emailed in JPG and/or PDF formats, and can also be uploaded to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Click on a template below or browse through our holiday collages gallery to get started. Add your own touch of holiday magic with images and text. Then download and send to your nearest and dearest!

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