Posing tips for family group photos

One key to great family collages is great group photos. Posing and lighting a group shot can be a challenge. Here are some tips.

  • Look for a simple, non-distracting background.
  • You need great lighting, which can be hard on a large group. Indirect evening sunlight makes for beautiful lighting with no special equipment. If you are depending on a flash, make sure you’re not out of the range of the flash.
  • All faces should be nicely visible, and about the same distance from the lens.
  • Turn the subjects’ bodies at an angle to the lens, with their face toward the camera. Some variation in pose across the group adds interest.
  • Hide hands behind backs or in pockets. Hands sticking all over the place is distracting, especially crossed in front of one’s lap. (no fig leaves!)

Here is some additional advice you may find helpful. http://www.best-family-photography-tips.com/photography-pose.html

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