Cheer on your Child’s Sports Team With Posters!

Spring sports are in season and what better way to show your support than to make custom posters for your child's team using PosterMyWall’s online poster maker. There are many different ways and places the posters can be used. Today we’re going to give you some tips to help you focus on what to include in the poster based on how you want to use it. We’ve previously done a number of posts on how to make different sports posters - you’ll find those links at the end of this post to get you started.

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custom poster for football team
custom basketball sports team poster idea
custom soccer sports team poster idea
custom basketball sports team poster idea
custom sports team poster idea


Promote the Team in School

If you want to use the poster to promote the team in school, your focus should be on the team name and players in the team. Since the poster will be placed within the school it’s more important to place emphasis on photos of the team rather than the name of the school. You can add the school mascot and slogan to add team spirit.

You can also put up flyers of the team in hallways. The poster maker is great for making flyers because we provide free downloads of your poster which print great at regular flyer size. Just click the big Download button in the poster maker when you’re done designing your poster.

Use as Banners for Games

Another excellent use of custom sports posters is to paste them on some cardboard and use them as banners for games, especially away games. For these posters the school name is extremely important. Try placing that in the center of the poster or in bright, bold lettering on the top of the poster. The school mascot should also be prominently displayed. Because this will be held in the midst of a crowd, the photos you use must be close ups or very large and easy to see from a distance.

As a Gift for your Child’s Room

Kids love putting posters up on their room walls. A custom sports poster is a great addition for any sports enthusiast. For these posters make sure to have lots of photos of the entire team. You may want to consider using InstaCollage to make a poster collage. This will give you the ability to add photos directly from your Facebook albums. You’ll also want to add the year, school slogan and mascot to make a truly outstanding poster.

Getting Started

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