Event Promotion Flyers: Setting a Mood with Color

Event Promotion Flyers: Setting a Mood with Color

Choosing the right color scheme can play a big role in getting your audience to notice—and respond to—your poster. Did you know colors evoke emotions and feelings? For example:

  • Blue: Conjures images of sky and sea, and emotions like comfort, calm and trust. Trust and dependability are two very desirable qualities in a brand, that is why you have a whole list of brands that represent themselves with this humble color. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name a few.

  • Green: Associated with nature, evokes feelings like peace, harmony and refreshment. (think “green” products). Richer, darker shades invoke feelings of prosperity and abundance.

  • Yellow: The color of the sun. To the human eye, yellow is the brightest color of them all. It is also associated with caution, and demands your attention. School buses and laboratory hazard signs are often colored yellow for this reason.

  • Red: Fiery. Intense. Energetic. Like yellow, red is an attention grabbing color. Unlike yellow, red invokes, passion, love and excitement. A red sofa and a brown sofa convey very different messages about the room they are in.

Needless to say, colors, symbolism and the human psyche form an intricate connection, and knowledge about the power of colors is useful information when promoting your event.

Create a winning color combination with your next custom event or party flyer with these ideas:

  • Apply analogous colors: These are shades of colors that appear side-by-side on the color wheel and always work well together. For example, yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-orange are pleasing to the eye and create a serene or comfortable mood—and ideal choice for a more laid back or casual event.

  • Select complementary colors: These are two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as red and green. Opposing colors create maximum contrast and can be very vibrant. Consider this color concept if you’re trying to get your poster design to stand out from the crowd, or when your event or message is high-energy.

Browse our templates to see different ways colors can set the stage for the mood you’d like to create at your event.

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