Poster Making 101: 7 Quick Design Tips

Looking for tips to create the perfect custom poster for bars, restaurants, bands, concerts, and fundraising events? Check out our 7 quick design tips:

1. Know your audience

What will appeal visually to your guests and customers? Designs that attract bar concert goers are likely to be vastly different in style than posters that appeal to people who attend classical concerts.

2. Keep it balanced

For best readability, strive for a balance between the amount of text and your design elements. Crowded copy is hard to read.

3. Use color wisely.

Select a color palette that works to your advantage and establishes the right mood and attitude for your event.

4. Consider contrast.

A simple way to make your design stand out is to use light elements against a dark background. Some of our most popular templates use light fonts on dark colored backgrounds.

5. Simplicity rules.

It’s easy to get carried away with too many images, graphics and fonts. Keeping it simple puts the focus on your message. A simple rule to follow is that if your design elements or images distract from your copy—you are probably using too many (or they are too big).

6. Step back.

Before hitting “Buy Poster”, ask a colleague or friend to review your poster. Revise if needed.

7. Evolve your design.

Keep your look current by updating your design periodically. Browse our template library to find inspiration and fresh ideas!

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