Artist Corner: Lubica from London

Artist Corner: Lubica from London

Meet our latest Artist Corner designer, Lubica Svedova. Born in Slovakia but currently living in London, she comes from a family of artists. First introduced to the art of design, via pencil, by her mother, Lubica found inspiration everywhere - in nature, in books and, of course, the Internet. In the 6 months she's been with us, her designs have grown in popularity. Keep reading to learn more about Lubica.

About Me

I am an artist that comes from a long line of artists. These days, I paint on silk, canvas and glass. I also work with AI, PS and now PosterMyWall. But I can still remember the first time my mother introduced me to the world of art... the memory is so vivid in my mind. I was sitting in the garden and touching flowers - beautiful colors, fantastic smells, and the petals felt like delicate velvet. Then, I started painting the flowers...

At that time, I found loads of inspiration in the garden. Then it was on the street, in the sky, in books, and later, on the Internet. I can now find inspiration anywhere and everywhere!

Note: Lucky for me, a dear friend of mine - and excellent designer - started teaching me Adobe Illustrator. Thus began my interest in graphic design.

A Little More About Me

My typical day is always busy.  I am mother of three beautiful children :) Early in the morning I prepare their food and get them ready for school. Then I drink coffee with my husband, clean the house and prepare lunch. Once that's done, I start painting on silk or making posters. When the children come back from school, I drop them off at their respective activities.

But I also make sure to take care of myself. Twice a week, I go to the gym, and if the weather permits, we play tennis.


Though I can choose from plenty of artists, I believe my favorite is Milton Glaser.

I like mozzarella with basil and olive oil, tomato soup, and turkey with salad and everything that has chili.

I enjoy listening tocountry, jazz, pop and rock music. Some of my fave artists are Shania Twain, Madonna and Sting.

One of my favorite books to read is The Little Prince, and I can watch One Million Dollar Baby, Frida and The Bridges of Madison County over and over again.

One day, I'd like to visit Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. If I could, I would live in any of these place - including New York!

My favorite superhero is... my husband :)

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