Artist Corner: Ana Silva de Ortiz from El Salvador

Artist Corner: Ana Silva de Ortiz from El Salvador

Meet our latest Artist Corner designer, Ana Silvia de Ortiz. She joined the PosterMyWall family over a year ago, and her designs have been quite popular. Keep reading to learn more about Ana.

About Me

I live in El Salvador, located in Central America. It's the smallest country in Central America, and we have wonderful beaches and mountains.

I'm a proud mom of 7-year-old twin boys, and both are my engine for every day. My pregnancy was very complicated, but thanks to God, my husband and family, my boys are healthy, happy and growing. At the end of this year, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. He is my support and a lovely father. We are not a perfect family, but we love each other so much, as well as our time together.

Design Inspiration

I was educated like the Bauhaus model, and my favorite designers are Josef Albers and Walter Gropius. A good design can be simple but full of color and transmit a message to the public.

I started University in 1996, starting off with Graphic Design. The program was designed to study 2 years of common subjects. In that time, I learned about design principles, color, layout and all the basics. Then I decided to study Interior Design and I graduated in 2003. Upon finishing University, I started working as a teacher and career administrator at my University. Now I work in Architecture School at my college, and I design for PMW during lunchtime or at night.

I've been a PosterMyWall designer since April 2015. Usually I check out the Insights, but since I live in a Central American country, I also check the USA holiday calendar. Life is my inspiration, but sometimes my designs are based on what my kids like, or even my mood.


I like reading, listening to music and spending time outdoors (in the mountains). I also love Chinese and Mexican food.

I dislike hypocrisy and selfish people. No need for further explanation.

Favorite books: The Shadow of the Wind, The Pillars of the Earth, The Lost Symbol

Favorite movies (some of them, anyway): Mr. Holland`s Opus, A Beautiful Mind, Amelie

Favorite Superhero: Batman

I would love to travel to Italy and Spain, visit the museums, the Vatican, St. Peter's Plaza and the Basilica. But if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Corsica. I adore the island, and I would love to experience the lifestyle.

A little more about me

On a typical day, I wake up at 4:30 am and then get the twins ready for school. My husband and I drop them off, and then we go to work. I get home around 5pm, check out homework, play with the kids and spend time with my three men. - and I love cooking for them!

I usually try to have a positive mind and attitude. I think it would be nice if all people were more conscious of how we treat each other, help without expecting anything back, and just be less selfish. At least that's what I'm teaching my boys: be grateful, be kind, respect others no matter where they come from or how they look.

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Download Free Posters for Your Fundraising Campaign!

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Why Get a Graphic Designer When You Can Do It Yourself?