Artist Corner: Arielle Danos from Louisiana

Artist Corner: Arielle Danos from Louisiana

Meet our latest designer, Arielle Lynn Danos. She began using PosterMyWall for her band, before joining our design community in 2014. Keep reading to find out more about Arielle.

About Me

I live in a town called Cut Off, on Bayou Lafourche, in Louisiana.
I was using PosterMyWall for creating the advertisements for my band about a year before I actually started submitting design the templates in 2014. All together, I've been utilizing this site for 4 years. I have yet to find another site so easy to use, with the same quality resources and tools.

I have a wonderful, almost 7-year-old son, Daemon David, who probably saved my life. I suffered from depression for years before I had him. Giving birth to him changed me dramatically. My career, my farm, my singing, my drive in life - it was all for him. I also used to design 3D celebration cakes which was a fun job that my son loved :)

I also have an amazing husband, Dexter, who I have been with since we were both 15. He is an amazing musician, husband, and father. We just recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. I know that I am very lucky to have such an awesome family.

There is never a "typical day" in our household. Between the farm, my son, my husband's music schedule, and template designing, one never knows exactly how the day will go or in which order things will be done. There is never a dull moment!

Design Style

My design name is A.D. CREATIVE, which is a play on words. It includes my initials, and I love anything to do with history - especially ancient in origin. I love art. Painting, drawing, designing, writing, crafts, and making cakes are all things I enjoy doing. 

My design style is ever-evolving, which I'm sure is the same for all designers. I like clean lines, structure and layers, as well as whimsical, fun, bubbly, and sometimes girly concepts. I like to keep up with current trends, though I try to give some templates an aged, antique, or retro effect. It really depends on my mood, and whether or not I've been inspired by a piece of clipart, or a commercial, etc.

That's what I love about designing. You can take it pretty much any where you wanna go, and get inspiration from anything you see. I've gotten inspiration from movies, album covers, antique advertisement, my husband's guitar... lol, literally anything. 

Before Designer Life

I started making ads for my band, The Southern EarthTones (I had an acoustic duo before that and also did a few shows in the rockabilly genre). I believe the recodings are somewhere on the net - perhaps Myspace and ReverbNation. I was the lead and back-up vocalist. We covered music by artists and bands including Janis Joplin, 4NonBlondes, Jefferson Airplane, Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stefani, Led Zeppelin, etc. I also recorded music in Lafayette, LA at UL. I've performed at the French Food Festival, opened up for Sammy Kershaw, Cerebral Palsy Telethons of Louisiana a few times, and more recently, performed a few nights in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The band had a good 4 year run, but I grew tired of the lifestyle. I was looking for something a little more peaceful. At the beginning of 2015, we moved to the 1 acre property owned by my parents. By the time the band dissolved, we already had a pretty decent little farm going.

So I began making even more templates, while I grew my little farm. We have an orange grove, lemon, pear, pecan, and apple trees. Our animals include a free roaming pet rabbit, 2 muscovy ducks, 4 hens, a rooster, 9 chicks, a goat, a pig, and a miniature pony. Life is now, definitely, a lot more grounded.

My Likes/Dislikes

I love all types of cuisine, but here same of my favorites: Japanese (sushi), Mediterranean, Mexican. Oh, and of course, Cajun food! My son and I can't wait to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. I love Across the Universe and Almost Famous. Great movies.

A Few More Things About Me

I'd love to travel to Norway and see Viking ruins... or Canada... or maybe just somewhere in Europe so I can see a real castle from the Middle Ages! If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Newfoundland (Canada). It would be very rustic - after, all I am from the bayou. Roughing it is normal.  I love so many superheroes, but I'm definitely a Marvel kinda girl! Thor is probably one of my Top 3 heroes. I love Icelandic and Nordic sagas, and the stories of those Gods and Goddesses. So a comic adaptation is so cool to me.

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Stars and Strips, Sun and Sales!!!

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