10 Christmas Poster Templates For Your Holiday Party

10 Christmas Poster Templates For Your Holiday Party

Christmas is all about spending time with family, but in the spirit of gift-giving, it’s also about shopping with (and for) your family. And it’s also about community service, parties and unwinding from the daily grind. If you’re hosting your own party, or Christmas event, we know you want everything to be just right.

PosterMyWall’s Christmas templates gallery is fueled by our talented designers, and you will find Christmas posters and flyers of all kinds here. Here’s a list of 10 templates you should definitely see. 

Note: Clicking on any of the templates will take you to the poster maker, to customize that template. 


Background Matters

One of the easiest ways to create a good Christmas event poster is by using relevant stock photos. An otherwise standard poster will light up because of a good background. 
You can access high res stock photos from the poster maker. Images from Flickr and Pixabay are free to use, while the premium images from Getty Images require a small fee. 


A White Overlay

If you’re confident in your designing capabilities, trying a white overlay is definitely up your alley. Create borders by adding shapes to give your poster a solid look. 
You can add borders by going to Clipart and then:

  • Click Add Shape
  • Select the Rectangle.
  • Set it’s opacity to 0 and change its thickness to suit you.

And you’re done. Alternatively, you can also upload your own image in .png or .jpg format. 


Use Clipart

Using clipart is generally considered “unprofessional” but it can work well if you’re designing content for an informal event, or possibly a children’s event. You can access clipart and shapes under the Clipart button in the poster maker. 


Make Your Poster a Chalkboard!

Have you been to a bar, where they have a chalkboard near the entrance, which tells you about their latest deals, menu and sometimes a witty joke?

You can use the same model for your poster design. PosterMyWall has fonts that work best with the chalkboard theme. Some of these are:

  • Eraser
  • Coming soon
  • Finger Paint

If you're going for a chalk board style, lighter, and less bright colors generally work best, such as cream, light blue and yellow. But using bright and vibrant colors like red and green work well. 


Design a Themed Poster

If you’re running a donation drive or a children’s party, setting up a theme helps in getting attention towards your cause. Here’s a poster with the Toy Story movie theme, all designed in the poster maker. 


Create a Vintage Poster

Using a cream background (as shown above) is the starting point for most vintage designs. Then it comes down to what images you use. Silhouettes are generally your best bet. Some recommended fonts for a Vintage Poster are: 

  • Smokum
  • Oklahoma
  • True Typewriter


Use Humor

Everyone loves a good joke! For example, to add a little comedy to your “Rock around the Christmas Tree” poster, add the image of Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” near the Christmas tree. The ideas are endless! 


If Images Aren’t Your Thing…  

Then typography definitely is! The key is to use multiple fonts that compliment each other. You can take the minimalist chic route and stick to black and white. (It also saves money when you print out the flyers in black and white ink.

Click on any of the above templates above to get started right away or click here

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