31 Creative Posters For Inspiration

31 Creative Posters For Inspiration

Stumped on what to create for your next design? If you’re having the artist’s version of a writer’s block, we have just the remedy. 

Below are some designs from talented designers with all kinds of styles. You’ll find a variety of intriguing posters. Try implementing your favorite design in your next poster.

Some are easy to reproduce, while others are a bit more complex; some of them symbolic, while others are in your face. Let’s get started! 


Starting With The Basics

If you strip down a poster to it’s most basic elements, you’re left with 2 things: your message and your background. Images, lines and special effects are all mere embellishments. 

Obviously those embellishments are there for a reason, but if you manage to create an engaging poster like those shown above, you’ve got something big going on for you! In these minimalists posters, the role of the text becomes even more crucial. Just like above, your message should incite something, whether it’s emotions or the thinking process. 

Enhance simplistic posters with mono color or dual color imagery to further improve your design. Another approach is to play around with text (i.e. make it appear like a water spring, or a hat). We have the design tools to make it possible, all you need is the time. Fancy Text in the poster maker allows you to curve the text and try out various fonts and effects

Awesome Movie (and TV Show) Poster Ideas

Movie posters are great sources of inspiration for your next poster. It’s an art form which hasn’t diluted with time, but is now more empowered than ever with the ease at which graphic design can be done now. 


When in Doubt, Typography

Artists have tried various techniques over the years to make posters that really engage the user. Using only text for your posters, and not relying on images is not a common approach. If you're creating ads for a brand, trying this approach (typography) will make you stand out among the competition. 


Create Atmospheric Posters

Atmospheric posters look stunning when done right. With the huge variety of stock photo image websites online, getting your hands on a scenic image isn’t difficult. You can start by checking this blog post, “30 Free Stock Photo Websites with High Res Images.”

PosterMyWall also offers stock photos by GettyImages, Flickr and Pixabay. You can use Flickr and Pixabay for free, but our premium images from GettyImages come with a small fee. 


The Magic of Dual Colors

Whether it’s an art exhibition or a retail poster, using dual colors can set your poster apart from the crowd. At PosterMyWall, the job is made even easier, using the masking and tint tools. 

They key is to choose 2 colors that are complimentary to each other. Yellow and blue, pink and grey, red and green etc.


Repeat After me: White, Bright and Black! 

All of these posters are different from each other, and yet they follow this one rule. Black, white and a bright color. No matter what you’re going for, this rule will help you in creating great designs.

There is no hard and fast rule for how you use colors either. That is, some posters have a bright color as the dominant color, with black and white as supporting colors. We also see the vice versa working out just as great. You can also get away with using either black or white as the dominant color and the remaining colors as supporting. 


Images to Create Symbolic Value

Sometimes an interesting and large image in an otherwise empty background can create a revolutionary poster. That way you can let the image itself do the talking, and the poster is therefore open to interpretation by the viewer.  

Of course there is no restriction on text, and it adds to the value of the poster.


Easy to Implement Recommendations

Here are some additional recommendations that you can easily reproduce in the poster maker. You can get started here, or you can also check out PosterMyWall’s gallery of templates to find your starting point. 

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