6 Dia de los Muertos Posters That Are Absolutely Eye Candy!

6 Dia de los Muertos Posters That Are Absolutely Eye Candy!

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, a public and important holiday in Mexico, is a special day celebrated by many. On this day, candles are lit, and food, sugar skulls and beverages are offered to altars in honor of the dearly departed. 

In honor of this unique and indigenous holiday, a great deal of inspiring and vibrant artwork has been created. Our designers at PosterMyWall have also contributed designs that make the special day a whole lot easier, if you’re in charge of organizing part (or all) of the festivities.

Here are some awesome Day of the Dead Posters by our design community. You can also customize any of these by clicking on them. 

Colorful Eye-catching Artwork

Colors everywhere! This flyer template is perfect for bars offering happy hours or special deals, and with the intricacy and vibrant colors in the design, it will definitely catch someone’s eye. Use Fancy Text to make text curved and to add additional effects. Designed by Li’l Ratskull Designs

A Great Color Scheme

A beautiful poster design by Renee Nicole It is a perfect use of colors, font, background and images. They are meant for each other. This poster would make for an impressive invitation for many events. 


Traditional Designs

Here is a more traditional look to a Dia de los Muertos Poster and it’s killing it! It also speaks of the vibrant Mexican culture, with sombreros and folk dances. This poster template is great for organizing gatherings at an altar. Designed by Li’l Ratskull Designs. 

Concert Posters with Dia de los Muertos

This is a unique and unconventional design for Dia De Los Muertos, created by j-austin. The dark atmosphere, coupled with the blood red outlook makes it a great design for a music concert, especially a heavy metal concert. 

Funky Poster for your Bar

When in doubt, get funky! This Dia de Los Muertos poster design is awesome, which would be great for concert or bar posters. It has ample space to add important details, and the color contrast brings attention to the text, even the with the plethora of color happening in and around the skull design. Design by Broken Axle


Lady of the Dead

Another spooky design by j-austin. This design like many others mentioned before depict a woman with corpse paint directly correlates to the “Lady of the Dead”, for whom this special day is dedicated to in the first place. This poster has everything a good event poster needs. Eye catching imagery, large font to declare your event, and date and time separated visible and away from the rest of the text, as this is important information. 

We have even more awesome templates in our Dia de los Muertos gallery. Use these to get started on designing your own event poster. 



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