A Guide to PosterMyWall For Small Business Success

A Guide to PosterMyWall For Small Business Success

In today’s competitive world, running a business requires you to pull all the stops to stay ahead. It pays to be persistent with your business goals, and to aim as high as possible - and then maybe even higher than that. 

Promoting yourself to the masses is essential, as new clients most likely will not find you on a whim. Spend your time and resources in promoting your brand, and to be persistent about it. Though this type of aggressive marketing is generally disliked, smart (and successful) brands continue to market themselves this way. Why?

Because it works. Even if 3 in 10 people who are your patrons get pissed, you’ll get the attention of the remaining 7 people. And that's a valuable asset. Conversion to your brand comes later, and that solely depends on your product. There is no shortcut to securing great conversions other than good services and products. 

PosterMyWall offers you a neat solution to the marketing part of your business! We will discuss 4 ways that you can use to utilize PosterMyWall for your business. 


Poster and Flyer Templates

PosterMyWall offers customizable templates for flyers and posters, for all kinds of events and retailers. You can start by browsing through our gallery of poster and flyer templates here.
For initial advertising, posters and flyers are an essential part of your arsenal. It’s the most effective way of boosting your audience in your locality.

You can create your own posters and flyers using our online creation tool. It’s easy to use, and it also allows for a huge variety of customization options. 

You can download the web quality download for free, but we would not recommend it for printing into flyers and posters. You can buy prints directly from us, sent at your doorstep. You can view the pricing here


Social Media Templates:

Whether your business is strictly online based, such as a shopping site, or offline, such as a retailer, Social Media is the go to place for your business to flourish. Why, you may ask? Because every year, the number of social media users increases exponentially, and Facebook is number one on that list

Facebook has an overwhelmingly huge user base, and no matter what your trade is, there will be people interested in it. So, if you haven’t already, you need to create your brand’s Facebook page. Add a nice profile image of your company logo, as well as a cover photo. You can create the cover photo easily through our resize option

Resize is available in the top bar of the Poster Maker. Clicking on it will open a dropdown, and you will have a large list of resize options. Go to the social media section and click on the Facebook Cover. Note: Resizing only resizes the layout, not individual text boxes and images, so you’ll need to resize them accordingly.

The trick to social media success is consistency. You need to keep posting new and interesting content to get your audience’s attention. Every social media platform has it’s own requirement, but for Facebook, 1 post a day is sufficient. 

There are other social networks that you should consider. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin contain a large number of users, but they follow a certain niche, hence refrain from joining ones that do not target the audience you’re looking for. 

Let’s look at the general audience in each social network:

  • Twitter: It’s the primary social network for sharing news, and information amongst professionals. With the word limit, you should be sharing bite sized text, and preferentially, useful links to articles or useful information.
  • Pinterest: It’s the photo catalogue of the internet! Join Pinterest only if you have strong visual content to present, such as high quality photos of your latest merchandise. If your merchandise isn’t visually appealing (e.g. if you’re selling computer networking equipment), perhaps a different social media platform will better suit your needs.
  • Instagram: The go-to social network for millennials. If you have strong visual content, while having the quality of sharing the human side of your business (e.g. a group photo of your staff, or a short video of a craftsman at work) you’re all set! 
  • Linkedin: Linkedin, is generally considered a site where you dump your resume and wait for someone to contact you. However it’s a thriving social network, with large communities of professionals, who hire, or get hired. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for competent staff from all kinds of disciplines.

Depending on your preferences, you could join all or none of these social networks. The dynamics for each is similar, you join, you regularly post, and you engage with people there. That's how you  make connections and followers. 

For visual content, PosterMyWall has you covered. Use the resize feature to swap between different social networks, while creating optimized content. 

The best part, it's all free! Your social media marketing can all be done with web quality images effectively without costing you a dime, unless you use Stock Photos from Getty Images. 

Instagram Post

Facebook Ad


Business Cards

Designing your business card has never been easier. In addition to your initial interaction, your business card will be the first impression many customers will have about your work, so you need to make it count. 

We offer multiple business card design templates, to provide an easy starting point for creating your own business card. You can design and download the the image either as web quality (which is free), or a high res photo quality (for $2.99). We would highly recommend the photo quality download, because your business card will look crisp and vibrant. 


With the holiday season approaching, businesses are using all forms of advertising to promote their products and sale.  

Banners have been used since time immemorial, and they are just as relevant now as they were before, maybe even more so. PosterMyWall offers the banner size (4 by 6 ft), for your designs. Check out these small business templates to get started on your banner design. 

Once in the Poster Maker, you can easily resize a poster or flyer design into a banner, and then continue work. 

We also offer prints for banners. You can view the pricing here. Banner prints come in vinyl and cloth.  

Use PosterMyWall as your primary marketing tool, it’s effective and has value for your money. We’re also expanding our templates to get even better additions on a daily basis. For updates and discount promotions, find us on Facebook and Twitter


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