25 Free Fonts For Your Next Design

25 Free Fonts For Your Next Design

Note: Custom Fonts feature is only available to PosterMyWall Premium users. 

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes, and are used in all kinds of situations. For example, there are “formal” fonts, used in letters to a superior officer, or a news article. Then there are less formal situations, which call for fun fonts used on posters or marketing projects (think cereal box text). Whatever the case may be, fonts come in a great deal of variety. Below are some of the awesome fonts you can find online for free. 

Download the font as TTF or OTF and upload it on PosterMyWall to start using it. Read this article to learn more about uploading fonts or follow these 4 steps:

  • Download your font in TTF or OTF format.
  • Go to the poster maker and click on Text and then Add Plain Text.
  • Click on Upload & Manage Fonts under My Fonts.
  • Click Upload Font and select your font. 

Here’s our list! 


1. Baron


Baron is an Upper Case Typeface, inspired from sans serif fonts. Suitable for posters, logos or headlines. Download the font by clicking here.

2. Manifesto


Manifesto. An interesting display font, reminiscent of vintage propaganda posters from the 90’s. Download the font by clicking here.  

3. Locksmith

Locksmith Regular

Locksmith is a display font created by Kenji Enos. Suitable in posters and social media graphics with inspirational quotes.

Download Link

4. Aerolite Regular

Aerolite Regular

Futuristic display font at 1001 fonts. Download it from here

5. Nord


Created by Alex Frutka and Vladmir Tomin. It is a beautiful handwriting font, which comes in 5 different styles. Download from here.


6. Haymaker 


Display typeface inspired from baseball jerseys of the 1930’s. Couple this font with cursive font in your posters. 

Download from here.


7. Semplicita  


It’s a Sans Serif font which resembles futura fonts, while mixing in the warmer aspects of humanist fonts. Great pick for typographic posters, and for documents. Download from here.

8. Poppins 


Poppins is a geometric typeface, which can also support other language scripts, such as Hindi. Use it with Open Sans or similar fonts. Download it from Google Fonts.

9. Belladoo


Belladoo is a bold hand-written display font, great for social media content, especially instagram.  

10.Permanent Marker

A hand drawn display font great for creating a very natural effect in your poster designs, as is of your favorite writing instrument. Download from Font Squirrel

11. Nexa Rust 

Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust. The favorite font for clothing brands, couple these with high res images and cursive fonts to create immersive advertisements. The whole collection is not free, but individual fonts can be bought for free. 

12. Marck Script

Marck Script

Hand drawn free flowing text, suitable for band logos and short informal pieces of text over a simple layout. Created by Denis Masharov. Download it from Google Fonts.

13. Ceviche One 

Ceviche One

A bold expressionist sans font, with wild curves and edges. Suitable for headlines, displays and posters. Created by Miguel Hernandez. Download from Google Fonts.

14. Annie use your telescope

Annie use your telescope

Quaint, timid, sublime. Some of the qualities of this font. Great for short informal pieces of text that create an impression. Created by Kimberly Geswein. Download from Google Fonts.

15. Rye


Bold and attention demanding display font reminiscent to the American wild west. Suitable for headlines and medium sized text. Created by Nicole Fally. Download from Google Fonts.

16. Inknut Antiqua

Inknut Antiqua

This antiqua font is used in web articles and and long-form passages of text. Created by Claus Eggers Sørensen. Download from Font Squirrel.

17. Variane Script

Variane Script

Cursive hand-written text made for inspirational posters. The elegant letter shapes, and irregular distances also make it a great pick for vintage poster designs. Download it from 1001fonts.

18. Bukhari Script


A bold monoline cursive font, suitable for posters, t-shirt designs, logos and even business cards. Get it from Behance.

19. Bungee Hairline

Bungee Hairline

The Bungee font super-family is a font for the urban lifestyle. Signboards for theaters and shops need this font. Bungee Hairline has an added feature of being a good fit for minimalist poster designs. Download it from here.

20. Caesar Dressing

Caesar Dressing

Caesar Dressing is the Greek Alphabet written with a marker. It’s great for themed poster designs. Download it from Google Fonts.

21. Melo  


If you’re into creating inspirational imagery and posting it on Instagram, this is the font you’re looking for. Hand-made, upper-case and delicate, Melo is also supported in Portuguese, Spanish, German and Swedish characters. Download from here.

22. Josefin Sans 

Josefin Sans Regular

An elegant, geometric and vintage type-face. Great for poster text, and it also carries with it an authority which makes it suitable for headlines too. Download from Google Fonts.

23. DitaSweet


Glamorous, fancy and unique, DitaSweet designed by Ksenia Semirova is what you’re looking for to complete your fashion show poster or magazine cover. English and Russian are supported. 

24. Noto Sans

Noto Sans

Characters on the web that can’t be displayed properly are displayed as small boxes. Noto Sans was created to remove such boxes and beautify the web. Subsequently, the font is available in more than 30 scripts! Download from Font Squirrel.

25. Zephyr


Every letter in Zephyr is unique, owing to the beautiful curves and shadows. It will be an impressive addition to your poster design. 

Note: Remember to review the licenses of any of these fonts before downloading them. Personal and commercial use is normally allowed, but reselling the font as your own is not

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