Get Leads Using PosterMyWall on Social Media

Get Leads Using PosterMyWall on Social Media

Your online and offline marketing is working for you, and you are drawing in tons of hot leads every day. Your PosterMyWall graphics are doing exactly what you want – consistently bringing customers through your doors. 

That isn’t you? Keep reading.

If you are using the platform to create printed materials but failing to build a solid social following, you’re missing out on the true value of PosterMyWall.

Here is what you need to do to ramp up your social media presence and get those customers.

Create Awesome Visuals

Hopefully this is the part you’re already doing. If not, don’t worry – every brand has to start somewhere. 

As a general rule of thumb, one out of three social posts can be graphics based. Invites, photo quotes and updates are all appropriate content pieces that can be created in minutes on PosterMyWall.

This will free up your time to do other marketing activities! That’s important, since the other 2/3 of your posts should either be original photography or borrowed posts. If your business is a hotel, bar, or venue, you can repost your fan’s posts. If you sell a product, you can repost images from your customers post.

Social Media experts call this “curated content,” and it is perfectly fine to use, so long as you tag/source/offer a shout out to the original poster.

These posts help your fans see you as an authentic, human brand.


Build a Social Media Calendar

Use a free tool like Hootsuite to schedule out posts. As a general rule, post three times per week to be considered an active brand. 

In Hootsuite you can schedule posts and also create custom newsfeeds that show posts based on tags, hashtags, places, and a host of other things. This makes it really easy to find the curated content we talked about above. 

For example, say I own a restaurant called Pam’s Place. I might create a stream to follow my Instagram account name, @pamsplace. This stream will show me anytime and every time someone tags @pamsplace!

Growth Hacking

Let’s continue using Instagram as our example. Instagram is great for small businesses (especially B2C). 

Why? Well, Instagramers expect to follow brand stories, whereas they really just want to be involved with friends and family on most of their other channels. On Instagram they follow their favorite clothing brands, bars, photographers and more. What Twitter is for B2B, Instagram is for B2C.

Instagram is also unique because you can still build an organic following. 

Follow people who are in your target market, and many of them will follow you back. Do this regularly, and you will build a solid following. Yes, it’s that simple! 

These tasks are not rocket science, but they are time consuming. That’s why using a tool like PosterMyWall becomes so valuable to those who are building a true and active social presence that brings in leads.

BONUS: To be successful, you must designate a team member who is committed to regularly designing graphics, curating content, scheduling posts, researching growth hacking strategies, building a following, and engaging with fans (starting to understand why an increasing amount of people are paid to sit on social media all day?). This is a cost to you, but the reward is much greater and well worth it.

Use PosterMyWall For Social Media Graphics For Free

PosterMyWall recently introduced support for Social Media Graphics.  What’s more, it free.  Try building your following today.

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