25 Professional Business Cards to Nail That First Impression

25 Professional Business Cards to Nail That First Impression

What is a brand? A brand can be an MNC, or an individual. It can be many things, but a good brand...

A good brand is identified by how it creates the first impression. Its proposals come with a vibe which depicts ambition, class and refinement. This may seem hard, but it actually isn’t. A great looking business card can create a great first impression, and at PosterMyWall, designing one is easy! 

In this post, we’ll share some of our business card templates, created by our Design Community, for all kinds of professionals, so you can bag that first impression!

Note: Click on any of the business card images to customize it in the editor. 


General Purpose Business Cards

These minimalist design business cards aren’t flashy, yet the layout works for any kind of professional. It’s straight to the point and doesn’t waste the viewer’s time with frills. 


Fashionable Business Cards

Remember, first impressions are everything. After you, your business cards make the next lasting impression of your company, and hence, should be a represent your company in a condensed 3 x 2 inches business card. So if you’re all about about chic, these business cards are just for you. 

They’re a great fit for professionals in the Fashion Industry, Beauty Salons and Photographers.


Let’s go Regal!

Black is a color that represents royalty and exclusivity. Likewise, most of our business cards that provide the regal look also come in black. Experiment with the fonts that best represent your brand, add your logo and your business card is ready!


More Business Cards

There is no cookie cutter formula for great business cards. Designing is flexible, and as long it’s geometrically sound, your business card will look just fine. Here are some more business cards, that do not exactly fit in any of the above categories, but work well in their own niches. 


Which one is your favorite? You can give us your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter page. Stay tuned for discounts, tips and new features! 

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