Collaborating on a Poster with Friends on Facebook

The most fun I have when doing any kind of scrapbooking is when I've got friends helping me with it. It's great to see their contributions to a project, especially when you've got creative friends :) You can do the same on PosterMyWall, by inviting friends on Facebook to help you with a poster. If you're logged into PosterMyWall, you can easily invite your friends to help in the design process. 

Once you open a design in the editor, click on the blue 'Share' button on the top right of your interface. 

sharing collaboration.PNG

In the window that opens:

  1. Click on the "Let others edit your design." 
  2. In the next window,  type in the email of the collaborator, and send a message (optional). The request will be sent to their email. 
  3. You can also copy the "Invitation link", and send it directly to the collaborator via a messenger app. 

PosterMyWall makes designing easy for groups. Try it next time when creating content for a party, sorority, sports, or family posters in which each member can upload their own photos and apply their creative skills on the poster.

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