Collaborating on a Poster with Friends on Facebook

The most fun I have when doing any kind of scrapbooking is when I've got friends helping me with it. It's great to see their contributions to a project, especially when you've got creative friends :) You can do the same on PosterMyWall, by inviting friends on Facebook to help you with a poster. If you're logged into PosterMyWall using Facebook Connect, all you have to do is click the 'Invite Contributors' link in the options that are visible on the poster page.

Alternatively, if you've got the poster open in the Poster Maker, simply hit the big orange 'Share!' button in the top right.

In the window that opens:

  1. Give your poster a name and description, so that friends know what this poster is about.
  2. Select Facebook friends who you want to be able to edit your poster.

A message will appear on each of the invited friends' Facebook Walls with a link for them to add to your poster. It's that simple! This is a great way to collaborate on party, sorority, sports, or family posters in which each member can upload their own photos and apply their creative skills on the poster.

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